Bringing the Rhône Valley to Bluche

16 Apr 2014 | by Les Roches


By Lily Nuttiya Wisootsat, Co-founder and President of Les Roches Wine Club

30 wine novices, connoisseurs and experts of the Les Roches student body sat in the school’s ‘Shelter Bar’ one Friday evening in order to open their eyes, inhale the aromas and savor the flavors of the legendary wines of the Rhône Valley. The Wines of Rhône Valley workshop was run by Mr Michael (Mike) Rijken, owner of Mike’s Wine Safari, a tour company providing oenophiles with tours and education of the Rhône. However, for this occasion, his visit was as a representative of Rhône Valley Wines, a syndicate of the region.

Les Roches Top Hotel Management School Wine Club learn about Rhone Valley wines
Students increase their appreciation for Rhône Valley wines with Mike Rijken of Mike’s Wine Safari

During this session, students are able to gain knowledge of the different appellations of Rhône Valley as well as of the importance of viticulture and vinification in wine making. Students are also able to put to test what they have learned, when they are given the opportunity to taste six different wines from six different appellations including Lirac, Ventoux, Masdes Bressades and Crozes-Hermitage, amongst others.

This allows the students to open up to smaller appellations and widen their knowledge and perception of Rhône Valley wines, in order to become future successful hoteliers and gain knowledge to bring home to their friends and families, as well as developing wine appreciation.

This event, similar to a few others, was coordinated by the student-run Les Roches Wine Club, a club that provides both knowledge and a fun environment for students to share their passion and curiosity about wine and spirits. We certainly look forward to organizing and coordinating more events in the future with a vision to nurture each other and to grow to become well-rounded hoteliers in the future.

Les Roches


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