Brand new video! Rocking the Alps

8 May 2015 | by Les Roches


Les Roches has made another video. We’ve always said Les Roches has a unique beat, and for this video, we tried to sum it up without using any words (well, except for the words ‘Come on!’).

As anyone who was on campus the first week of March will know, Les Roches has just made a new video. We love to try new things and love it even more when our students throw themselves into the projects.

With this latest video, we wanted to convey something of the way of life at Les Roches. You hear it all the time: Les Roches is much more than a school, it’s a way of life.

It’s something that everyone finds really difficult to put into words, so we thought we’d have a go at doing it with music instead.

Why music? Well, Les Roches awakens all your senses.  It’s like there’s a secret music to our life here, half way up a Swiss mountain. It’s the music of all the sounds around us, everyday.

And we’re not talking about cows or Swiss horns…


Wearing a ski suit over my classic one and walking around Bluche with skies was fun, but extremely hot. Dmitry

In every strange situation high five people at the street. Yulia

I was enjoying making my guests uncomfortable during the shoot by requesting that they “look straight into my eyes” and doing the same myself while I was wishing them a peasant meal. Ved

My teeth have never been as clean as after shooting the bathroom scene! Ibrahim

At the end of the day my wrist was hurting from cutting and hitting pans. Zoe

Filming was fun. Apparently I’m a “natural” when it comes to door knocking! Lodewijk

Les Roches


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