Les Roches extra curricula activities yoga international hotel management college Switzerland

Being a student yoga teacher

2 Jun 2015 | by Jovel Eugenia Mei


Jovel Eugenia Mei, student on the bachelor degree in hospitality course, talks about her passion for yoga and her love of teaching it to her fellow students.

So, one thing you need to know about me besides the fact that I’m a student at Les Roches, is that I am also a teacher!

Not an academic teacher but even better – I am a Yoga teacher. To summarize, I am a part-time Yoga teacher, full-time student. Now we are on the same page!

Every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm, many young yoga enthusiasts from Les Roches join me for yoga at Gym Randogne. The students put on their yoga pants and sweat shirts and we all wait for Pinto the driver to come pick us up from the main lobby to bring us to Gym Randogne where Yoga classes are conducted. And this is the single most enjoyable thing that I look forward to every single week.

Les Roches extra curricula activities yoga international hotel management college Switzerland
Outdoor yoga in spring
Les Roches extra curricula activities yoga international hotel management college Switzerland
Strengthening the back with some twisting exercises









I have been practicing yoga for almost 4 years now and the reason I started was due to a medical condition that I very unfortunately developed. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spinal axis. While growing up my spine started to curve so much that I was experiencing great pain in my back. This prompted my chiropractor to think up alternative treatments such as yoga and swimming. Yoga has many benefits, and one of them that I had the opportunity to personally experience was back strengthening and positions to help me lengthen (and as a result) straighten my spine. Other benefits included greater concentration, increased flexibility and a stronger core.

Les Roches extra curricula activities yoga international hotel management college Switzerland
Yoga Graduation Day

After my first class of yoga back in Singapore, I was completely hooked. I practiced it wherever I went from Singapore to Hong Kong to Thailand and when the right opportunity presented itself after my internship in Bangkok, I registered myself for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training course in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a month and a half. My yoga school was called Wise Living Yoga Academy and was situated in a remote village in the outskirts of Chiang Mai. The other students and I had to ride a bicycle through the village to get to the nearest provision shop to get candies or chocolates. We lived in a completely secluded little village and on Friday evenings, we entertained ourselves by joining the local village ladies at the basketball court for their weekly community dance.

Upon graduating from the Wise Living Yoga Academy I messaged Damien Fehlmann, Les Roches’s Sports Coordinator, informing him that I had successfully completed my yoga teacher-training course and was qualified to teach yoga.

To my gratitude, he responded by saying I could teach yoga the coming semester, so this began my teaching sojourn at Les Roches.

My first semester teaching was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with my fellow schoolmates and being in a position to inspire them.

I felt that, being a yoga teacher, I could finally give back to Les Roches and this is the very reason I always incorporate a notion of inspiration and relaxation.

It is always heartening to have fellow Les Rochians come up to tell me how relaxed they feel or simply approaching me in school to ask me what breathing exercises they can incorporate to help them sleep better at night or relieve stress. I was finally able to help other people, maybe not in the same way doctors help patients but indirectly I was able to help them feel more relaxed and at peace with themselves.

It is my final and last semester teaching yoga at Les Roches and it has truly been a great year. Being a part of this school has allowed me to not only mold myself into a global and contributing citizen of the industry, it has also allowed me to discover myself as a teacher and mentor. I appreciate that I am able to step forth and take initiatives that are encouraged by the school. And to all my yoga students, thank you for supporting me as a teacher and being such loyal and enthusiastic students – you are all the reason I keep doing what I do and I will miss every single one of you.

Namaste and thank you, Les Roches

Jovel Eugenia Mei


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