Bali, what else we can ask from holidays in Asia?

9 Sep 2014 | by Marco Pellegrini


Marco reflects on an amazing six months. Amazing – not just because of what he experienced in his ‘down time’, but also because of what he learned about working with individual needs.

During the day, when the sun burns the skin, it is possible find shade under a palm tree, or if you want to refresh yourself, crystalline water is awaiting you.

Maybe after this little swim, you will feel tired – no problem at all; a local Balinese massage is readily available.

And then, if you are not exhausted, night life will be ready for you – from crazy clubs to the unique and hidden pubs where you can enjoy live music.

There’s no doubt that all these attractions make the experience of the guest on the island something unique, but they make it unique for the workers as well, as I discovered during my six months there.

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The first time they’d had an Italian intern. We bet they’ll be asking for more!

The beauty of this experience lay in the bond that I created with the team but mostly in the personal growth that I experienced myself.

Having this experience in Bali was the best for me due to the unique way of life and the cultural mix inside the team; in addition I was the first Italian they had ever had which was a challenge that they accepted with joy.

Living among people of my age, understanding folklore that is backbone of the culture, for example the celebration of Nyepi (24 hours without light, fire or any kind of sources in the total silence), or the Galungan (celebration of good against the evil), and being part of all this was a unique opportunity.

Being there, however, as Assistant Manager makes me understand how personal feelings can determine the result of everything, and my life in the student community made me more conscious about the individual needs that everyone has.

Because there is always more than meets the eye.

Marco Pellegrini


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