Back to the drawing board!

2 Sep 2013 | by raksha


Hi all – to start the year off, I thought it would be good to talk about some of the starkly different reasons behind why I decided to join Postgraduate program at Les Roches.

Behind the scenes

One of my favourite childhood movies was Dunston Checks In. In a nutshell, it shows how one orang-utan turns a hotel upside down including humorous scenes with children going down the corridors in service trolleys to escape the exhausted half-wit robber. It was also the first movie I saw that showed how a hotel looks inside out.

I always wondered how things happen behind the scenes. I think the first time I actually started realising the amount of sweat and time involved was when I was planning my wedding last year. I was interacting with the events manager, head chef, and everyone else in between, on a daily basis. It was soothing to see them always keep their cool and stay up to the wee hours to make sure everything was perfect for my big day. It was the kind of dedication to hospitality and service that inspired my journey.

Why now?

dubaiI am from Dubai and a majority of its economy is generated from tourism and the hotel industry. Data from the World Travel and Tourism Council show that the sector’s contribution to the GDP of the UAE last year was USD 50 billion (Dh182 billion) and is set to rise 4.3 per cent annually to USD 76 billion (Dh277.8 billion) by 2022, equivalent to 14.6 per cent of GDP[1].

The city has literally transformed overnight. For the last 16 years I have seen skyscrapers replace sand dunes and a city arise from practically nothing. Dubai has become globally renowned for its sail shaped seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, and since then the industry has grown exponentially. Dubai claimed to either bring in great hotel brands, such as the Atlantis, or create unforgettable hospitality brands such as the Jumeirah Group and more recently the Address Hotel Group.

Even though the growth forseen is phenomenal, talent in the region is raw. Hoteliers are in search of resources that are ready to grow and learn and can bring more to the table.

I realised alongside my husband that we wanted to take a different route and learn the skills needed to succeed in this industry.

After our wedding we realised a hotel is a lot more than a front desk and concierge. If we could share that wonderful experience that we had with anyone else – it would be an achievement!

I hope that this blog helps you understand our journey from day 1 to a year from today when we both hope to say we do know what happens behind closed doors at a hotel.




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