Autumn leaves bring a change of season

13 Oct 2015 | by Mikhail Merican


Could you imagine yourself growing up in a different country? As 10 weeks have passed us by, our little family in BBA1 is really growing strong in friendship, love and care for one another. Especially us guys. The Royal Family we named ourselves.

Bachelor students Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland

Be it a cold beer at Petit Paradis after a long day of classes, or some fun and laughter at the table down in Market Place (the campus main restaurant). We’ve grown fairly strong together. All of us, despite losing a comrade to the Global guys… we know he’s still secretly missing the BBA family.

As autumn begins, the first signs of snow on the hills of Montana made our mornings. Giving us joy that snow shall soon fall upon the little village of Bluche. Cold is the new response to a ‘How are you’?

Events have been happening throughout the first half of the semester. I thank the seniors for giving me the opportunity to perform at the Les Roches Talent Night. I believe it was a successful event and everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I enjoyed singing in front of you all!

Talent night Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Besides the Talent Night, I had the privilege to perform and sing at Tacot bar’s Live Band Thursdays with a few amazing and talented seniors that I have found. If I hadn’t found these special people, I would never have known that I could slap ‘da Bass. Special thanks to my family in BBA1 for supporting me!

As we all depart for our well-earned mid-term break, I wish all Les Roches students safe travels and a happy week ahead!

See you all soon!

Mikhail Merican


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