Arriving to Les Roches !!

30 Jul 2010 | by Pamela Calvas



I have arrived to Les Roches Campus at last!

It is great to be here already and I could not be happier. Once you get to the area, you have the real feeling of being in Switzerland. I am used to living in a valley, surrounded by mountains in Ecuador, but the scenery here is breathtaking…  I don’t know where to start to tell you all about it.
Frankly, my flight over here was a little bit of a nightmare because my flight was already delayed when I left Ecuador so I knew I was going to have a delay in my connection flight from Madrid to Geneva and I was really nervous.  Once I finally landed in Madrid, I had to literally run with my bags from one terminal to the other terminal, and waiting for customs took so long. Finally, when I got to the check in point, I knew they had probably closed the flight to Geneve because I was too late and I had no hopes to get on another flight on the same day.

But there I was, only 5 minutes before my flight was supposed to leave for Genève and I thought, what do I have to lose, I will ask anyways, maybe this one is also delayed… and it was!!!  They said that it had been delayed for an hour or so because of a lost bag! I asked if they could help me checking in, and so they did. The flight went smoothly and in Genève I was able to find my Danish family who had been waiting for me at the airport.

After all of the waiting and the running, I could not believe that I had made it in spite of the circumstances, I was really lucky. It is a shame that I was in such a hurry all the time that I could not take any pictures of Genève to share with you, but it is a beautiful city from what I could see.  The very next day I had a bad jet lag but we drove early in the morning so that my sister could do the proper check-in at Les Roches.

montanaOnce you get into the canton of Valais the views are impressive, for those who have not been here before, you will only understand me when you see it for yourselves. Everything is so neat and it really looks like the pictures that we see on the internet. Right now there are a lot of green areas and tons of flowers all around the Bluche village and Les Roches campus.

les-rochesAt the main building, everyone seemed so happy to welcome new students and all the check-in procedures were easy to follow thanks to the assistance of the staff. There were a lot of new students too. My sister and I were assigned a room together and we really like it, for what we have seen all of the accommodations are neat and everyone seems quite happy. Once you get to Les Roches, you feel surrounded by people from all over the world,  people from Asia, Europe, South America, and when you are walking around campus you see everyone talking to each other and it is, in fact, like they were family.

Since I have not started with my PGD program yet, I have had time to explore the region a little. It is indeed like they mention in the brochures and the websites, the transportation here is really easy and they try to help you in every way possible.

Some advice for the new comers next week, try to have all of the documentation ready for the check in, so that it goes smoothly and then you won’t feel so tired at the end of your first day.

Also, all the IT information that they request for your computer should be followed, like the software in English and if you have a MAC computer, make sure the IT staff can have access to Windows in it, otherwise you will have to install a Windows software and it will take more time for them to get your computer ready. So yes, read through all of the requirements.

The weather has been nice most of the time although it has rained a bit, but everybody says that it is not normal at this time of the year, but the views when the sun goes down are amazing as you can see in some of these pictures.


I am sure that all of you who have not arrived yet are looking forward to be here and to study in this institute, and you should be. All of the staff have been very helpful with us and always trying to make you feel welcome. I am really looking forward to meeting the rest of the coming students and my future classmates. All this experience has been so exciting already for the first few days that I cannot wait to start with the classes and the practical learning. I hope you all are having a great start here in the school and for those who have not arrived yet, hope you have a better flight than I did!

See you soon in Les Roches!

Pamela Calvas


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