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The amazing ways Les Roches is staying sustainable

2 Jul 2018 | by Les Roches


Sustainability, now more than ever, is a concern among many people and businesses. After all, the facts are shocking. According to Business Development Company, 12 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year, while globally we throw out 1.3 billion tonnes of food a year. Sadly, the hospitality industry is also guilty of wastage. Afar states that the global hotel industry goes through 30 billion plastic key cards every year – the equivalent of 150,000 tonnes of plastic. So how can we reduce wastage, increase awareness and ensure everybody is committed to sustainability?

At Les Roches, sustainability is one of our core values. In November 2013, we increased our focus on the subject through the creation of the Les Roches Green Club. Students and staff work together to ensure Les Roches becomes a school that wastes zero food, while also getting students and staff involved to keep the school green.

Changing the culture

The initial idea of Les Roches Green Club began in September 2013. Representatives from various departments – including kitchen, service, security, housekeeping and purchasing – came together to form an executive committee. Two months later, the club was created, with Les Roches students joining the cause.

Les Roches Green Club continues to engage with students, host events and raise awareness in its continued quest to keep the school sustainable.

The club holds regular brainstorming sessions on campus to discuss how to reduce waste around the school. They also organise events and remain in close contact with school management. The club wants the school to be a greener place for the long term.

Since its inception, the club has continued to change the culture of the school through a number of ways. These include:

  • Separate rubbish bins in all food outlets, as well as more bins between the main building and the funicular
  • A new cardboard compressing machine and compost container
  • Changing to more eco-friendly chemicals in the Stewarding department
  • A food waste competition, Love Food Hate Waste, which took place over one semester and saw students on campus take part
  • School utensils were collected and sent to America for recycling. The money raised was then sent to the World Wildlife Fund

Les Roches Green Club continues to engage with students, host events and raise awareness in its continued quest to keep the school sustainable.

It’s easy being green

Les Roches is keeping green through other methods. At Les Roches Switzerland, our Food & Beverage department, whenever possible, buys meat and milk produced in local regions, as well as purchasing Fairtrade chocolate. Using locally sourced ingredients is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, support sustainable practices, and align with local farmers and grocers. Les Roches also created its own chef’s garden in 2015, located outside of the Le Tacot restaurant.

We are also devoted to reducing food waste. Students learn to get creative in the kitchen in order to cut down on what we throw out. We also donate any leftover food to a local charity, so they can give it to those in need. Our commitment doesn’t just stop at food. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products and biodegradable packaging, while also cutting down on paper usage through the introduction of e-books.

Being eco-friendly is not just a trend – like Les Roches, it is a way of life. Help us stay sustainable and keep our school green. Want to join Les Roches Green Club? Get in touch!

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