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Life after Les Roches: alumnus opens dream restaurant in Milan

19 Oct 2018 | by Les Roches


Class of 2016 Alumnus, Alessandro Mazzone put everything he learned at Les Roches into his new restaurant in Milian. In this video, he shares his story, from business plans to becoming a global citizen.

Alexamber seafood restaurant opened in 2018 and Alessandro is already enjoying the challenges of entrepreneurship. “Opening a restaurant in Milano is very difficult. It’s very competitive, but at the same time very rewarding when your project comes to life.”

Life as a leader

In his role as Manager at Alexamber, Alessandro is putting into practice everything he learned at Les Roches to keep the restaurant running smoothly. “To go on, in harmony and in serenity, meeting the needs and satisfying the requests of your team is the most difficult thing. Les Roches is the perfect school to learn this, both in theory and in practice every day. It’s not just a school. It’s a way of life.”

The value of internships

Students at Les Roches complete an average of two internships during their program, usually travelling around the world to gain invaluable experience. Alessandro is clear on the value of that real-world learning. “I completed my first stage in the Bulgari Hotel and Resort in Milan. The second one at Hotel Arts in Barcelona”, he says.

“Les Roches taught me to be successful at work, to be a global citizen, with an open mind and think outside of the box. After Les Roches, I had the opportunity to work at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. After that I moved to a 1-star Michelin restaurant in Florence, ‘La leggenda dei frati’.”

Using entrepreneurial skills

An entrepreneurial and strategic mindset is built into all programs at Les Roches, with students being developed into the hospitality leaders of tomorrow. At his Milanese restaurant, Alessandro has used these skills to set the business on the right track. “To open Alexamber, my sister and I drafted a business plan where we studied the market and the competition”, he says.

“A typical day is very long and busy. But at the same time enjoyable, amusing and gratifying. I have several daily duties in the restaurant. I take care of the accounting, but also the marketing campaigns, managing our social media, online and offline, and receiving the daily suppliers’ deliveries.”

Despite the hard work and challenges involved, Alessandro is loving life as the leader of his own business.

You can visit Alexamber in Milan to see what turning a dream into reality looks like (the food’s amazing too!).

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