Alumni interview: One couple, two unusual hospitality careers

28 Jun 2016 | by Les Roches


Country of origin: Russia
Les Roches Marbella, Postgraduate Diploma, Class of 2010

For Alexey Vorobyev, Les Roches was a springboard to a career outside the traditional definition of “hospitality management.” After graduation he started at the Ritz-Carlton in Tenerife before moving home to Russia to work at the Lotte Hotel and Radisson Park Inn. But in time, he realized that his skills could translate to managerial positions in different fields – a discovery that was supported by the versatile education he received at Les Roches.

“Les Roches gave me confidence and taught me how to be service minded,” he says. The curriculum prepares students to succeed in any industry according to their ambitions and interests. I feel very lucky for the basis Les Roches gave me to build my career.” His path led him to his current role as a Project Manager at Platan, which sells components to international industrial and military customers.

Though he had never worked in industrial sales before he joined Platan, he advanced quickly after joining as a Brand Manager Assistant, becoming Brand Manager in one year. Soon after that he was promoted to the position he holds now.

In my business, numbers are important,” Alexey explains. “But I got the work ethic I needed at Les Roches, where you learn to move up quickly by working harder and always wanting more responsibilities. Without this experience I could not have gotten promoted so fast.

Alexey and his wife Evgeniya were from neighboring towns near Moscow and met while attending different universities in Russia. They decided to attend Les Roches Marbella together and married after graduating. “Les Roches strengthened our connection,” he recalls. “We supported each other through all the challenges and exams and this brought us closer.” Together they spent 6 months at the Ritz-Carlton in Tenerife – Alexey in sales, Evgeniya in the guest recognition department. But — despite the luxury hotel experience and the glamorous Canary Islands locale – they both felt homesick for family and friends and agreed to return to Moscow.

Like Alexey, Evgeniya also transitioned out of the hotel business, building a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. She also progressed quickly at her global biopharmaceutical company, starting as an Administrative Assistant and getting promoted to Project Coordinator and later to Associate Brand Manager. Her Managing Director referenced her Les Roches background as one of the advantages she brought to the job, allowing her to master new responsibilities with unusual speed and confidence. Evgeniya feels the service-minded approach led her to the position she fills now, since the pharmaceutical industry is primarily about the people whose lives you are trying to improve.

This is one thing that we both appreciate about Les Roches,” Alexey says. “Some graduates may not see themselves in hospitality, like my wife and I. But you don’t have to limit yourself, because the skills you graduate with will make you an asset to any business.

Right now Alexey and Evgeniya are settled and thriving in Moscow, but they would not rule out working abroad again, in Greece or in Spain where they studied at Les Roches Marbella. “We are glad to have the background and the ability to work all over the world,” Alexey concludes. “In our careers so far, we have seen proof that Les Roches gives you the keys for doors that are closed for other people.”

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