Alumni Interview: Cajetan Araujo on Using Leadership to Build a Hotelier Career

24 Oct 2017 | by Les Roches


Name: Cajetan Araujo
Nationality: India
Campus: Les Roches Bluche, International Hotel Management, 1995
Current job: Hotel Manager, The St. Regis Mumbai

Cajetan Araujo was always drawn to the hospitality sector. While his contemporaries went into more conventional routes of training, Cajetan enrolled at Les Roches to turn his passion into a career. Studying with Les Roches sharpened his entrepreneurial and creative skills, and since graduating his career has taken him across four continents with a range of leading hotels. He currently manages The St. Regis Mumbai in India.


Choosing a path, choosing Les Roches

While unsure of what he wanted to do, Cajetan did know he had a keen culinary interest. “Years ago when I started out, there was a feeling of being lost,” he said. “A lot of my colleagues were undertaking management training, but it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in. I felt really excited by the world of culinary arts.”

Choosing to study at Les Roches helped ingrain the skills Cajetan feels are essential for success within the industry. “The foundations of business and leadership are really entrusted to you during your education at Les Roches,” he said. “Key leadership traits are established at an early juncture, but it’s a matter of how you utilize these values in order to become a good business operator.”


A globetrotting career

Cajetan’s career has seen him work in a range of locations.

I started out as a chef and began travelling. I have worked extensively in the USA (in both New York and Miami), but have also worked in France, Ireland, Dubai, Qatar and Asia,

he said. “I firmly enjoyed these experiences as they taught me so much about the world around us.”


The key skills for success

“In order to be successful, you’ve got to have a combination of skills, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities,” Cajetan said. “Particularly in the sense of what leadership means to you, and using those values of respect, empathy, trust and empowerment to achieve great results.”

Cajetan has used all of the above to build a successful career, working for Claridge’s, Fairmont Hotels and Lotte New York Palace Hotel.

I firmly believe that this is an industry that requires creativity and innovation in order to be successful,

he said.

Les Roches


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