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1 Jul 2019 | by Les Roches


By Nicholas Allen, Class of 1992 Les Roches alumnus

Krystyna_ShvedovaOver the next few months, I’m going to catch up with some of my wonderful alumni friends to find out where their lives have taken them since leaving Les Roches. Last time out was Elena Mendez; this time I’m going to introduce you to the incredible Krystyna Shvedova, Class of 2014 graduate.

Nicholas Allen (NA): What is your profession and current position?

Krystyna Shvedova (KS): Currently I am a Senior Sales Representative and I’m working on my own future F&B project.

NA: Who was your first roommate in Les Roches?

KS: Actually, I lived by myself all the time I was there.

NA: Where did you grow up?

KS: Ukraine

NA: Who has made the biggest impact on your professional career?

KS: Sebastian Birr – he was my manager during my first internship. He truly believed in me; showed me that I was capable of doing more than I had ever thought and helped me to realize what I’d like to do in the future.  

NA: Who was your favorite teacher?

KS: Marinez Varini, Human Resources Lecturer.

NA: What’s your advice for new graduates?

KS: Take advantage of every opportunity life gives you; and learn from it. Never be afraid to try new things – it can lead you to finding your passion and profession you love, somewhere you never expected.

NA: Who did you have a crush on in Les Roches?

KS: That’s a tricky one – they changed throughout my studies!

NA: What is your fondest memory of Les Roches?

KS: All the fondest and warmest memories I have are associated with all the great individuals I had a chance to meet at school. It always felt like we’ve been one big family over there. I can definitely say that I had the best time in my life at Les Roches, thanks to my friends and all the people who surrounded me.  

NA: Do you have any phobias?

KS: I have a fear of heights. 

NA: OK, you can ask me one question. What is it?

KS: What’s the most unexpected thing you have learned along the way?

NA: Oh, good question. There are a couple of things that stand out for me: the first is the resilience that Les Roches instilled in me. To be able to cope with the never-ending changes in the hospitality world, while on the run. What we call in my business a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous). This resilience has crossed over to all my business adventures as well as my private life. Secondly, the alumni. The absolute care I see from all the alumni to each other and their respective families.

There are so many things I have learned along the way – and I am still learning.

NA: Last question. You have organized a lavish dinner party with no expense spared. You can invite eight people, alive or dead, who are they?

KS: Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Daymond John, Rhonda Byrne, Lady Gaga, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Mohandas Gandhi and Emma Watson. Not sure how the party would go, though!


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