Sports, activities and hiking around Les Roches

8 Oct 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


Switzerland is famous for its Swiss Army knives, fabulous chocolate and top-quality watches. To travelers from around the world, Switzerland is most famous for its Alpine beauty and majestic landscapes.

I must say that we are lucky to be surrounded here in Les Roches by such natural scenery. I find myself looking at the mountains quite often since the views from the campus are so beautiful. When I need a break in between classes, I find it really refreshing to go outside for a while.  The weather is constantly changing.  In just one day we see different types of weather including rain, sun, and wind, typical of Switzerland by the way.

Recently, you can feel Winter slowly approaching and the temperature dropping, especially at night! However, we have been told to look forward to the winter as well!

During this season, when there are still sunny days, you can take advantage of the good weather and go out for a walk or plan a trekking route to admire the lakes, waterfalls and very nice paths of the area, you can always check out this webpage with more information:

Its great to take in the scenery through activity, rather than just sightseeing: skiing, hiking, hang-gliding and rafting are only a number of the outstanding opportunities.

These pictures are of a group of students reaching a departure point by car and taking one of the routes towards one waterfall.

Thank you Luis for providing information about this and the pictures!!


Pamela Calvas


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