Les Roches BBA1 class S2

A reflection of my first semester at Les Roches

19 Dec 2013 | by natasha


My first semester at Les Roches is nearly at an end. Who would have thought it would have been such an exciting and jam-packed 6 months? I had the pleasure of meeting many new people from all over the world, and have made new friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

What were the highlights of my first 6 months at Les Roches?

First and foremost, entering the diverse and exciting world of hospitality and making that decision to come to this school. I have not regretted it for one minute.

Les Roches hotel management school Master Waiter Competition winners
We did it! Adam Christoffersson and Natasha win first prize for the Master Waiter Competition

Second, I am grateful to all my teachers this semester and look forward to meeting new ones upon my return for BBA3 in July 2014.

My biggest achievement this semester was winning the Master Waiter Competition with my Swedish partner and class delegate, Adam Christoffersson. It was a fantastic opportunity to take part in this competition where we had the support of friends, teachers and businesses in Crans-Montana who provided the prizes for first, second and third place.

Third, being part of an amazing, hard working class: S2. Whilst working during the practical weeks I would always look forward going on duty because I could rely on my fellow classmates to work their hardest and be ready for a challenge. I thank you S2 for all the good times we spent together.

Although I will be sad not to see my new friends for the next 6 months, I am looking forward to my first internship. I will be working at The Savoy in London

and if anyone wants to drop by to say ‘hi’, please feel free! There I will be cross-training in the Food & Beverage department, but more on that in the New Year when I start.

It is the last week, and everyone has put nose to the grindstone (an English expression for working hard, some more than others, admittedly) with the fast-approaching exams. The atmosphere in Bluche is one of excitement, with everyone ready to jet home and see their families for Christmas. I myself am going back home to warm and sunny Dubai, a far cry away from the Swiss mountains.

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and hope 2014 will be a fruitful and happy one for you all!





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