A day in the life of Twisper in Berlin

5 Dec 2013 | by Guest Author


What is Twisper?

Twisper is an international social network Travel Application that aims to guide consumers to quality locations both in their own cities and places they travel to. Twisper is ideal for students and people who aim to encounter the most prestigious and authentic locations in a particular travel destination. The application is perfect for those who are like-minded lifestyle and travel enthusiasts and yet enjoy sharing their experiences and tips with others. I believe this application is extremely different to any others, as only positive reviews will be found on the online platform – meaning only the best locations will be encountered and the less favorable ones will be filtered out by Twisper’s travel analysts and ambassadors. Moreover, Twisper’s smart algorithm provides tailor-made recommendations of great locations as well as allowing travelers to access the most expert opinions on the perfect destination.

Twisper is opening doors to Digital Travel, and providing people with the most useful tips for the very best locations that the world has to offer.

One a lifetime experience

As a Les Roches Ambassador, I was granted the fantastic opportunity to participate in this conference in Berlin that consisted of a day complete with workshops, educational hacks, guest speakers as well as a visit to 4 locations considered to be a “Twisper Destination” in the city.

Being a part of such an incredible team, as well as being welcomed into a new approach of the digital travel industry really showed me that there is a way to accommodate travelers’ needs across the globe.

Twisper gave me the opportunity to provide my opinions and views of the market expectancies in regards to a travel application, as well as input any ideas that will aid the expansion of the digital travel world.

As if this wasn’t enough, Twisper also provided me with a “weekend of a lifetime”, where I was shown the top-hit locations in Berlin, all based around food, wine, fun and culture. I met amazing people, with creative and innovative ideas to improve travelers’ well-being when discovering new places.

As a student, I must say that this has been an unforgettable experience that I will take with me, not only professionally yet personally as well. If you are a student with a hospitality background, I strongly suggest you try your best to be part of any future Twisper conference, as you will take home with you more than you can ever expect.

These were some locations I visited during my Twisper day in Berlin (click to zoom in):

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Author: Mariana Heath

Guest Author


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