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7 tips to make the most of your internship experience

11 Dec 2014 | by Marco Pellegrini


Les Roches blogger Marco Pellegrini offers 7 top tips to help students make the most of their professional internships.

The internship can be summarized like this: the possibility to express your personal passion for hospitality.

I feel it is important, however, to offer a few little tips to enable you to enjoy your internship with passion and love.

1. Grooming matters. From my experience, what the recruiters want to see first is good grooming standards, how you present yourself. Remember you always represent Les Roches, and you must be proud of it!

2. Be flexible. Always be available to do everything, even if it is not part of your main responsibilities. Managers want to test your passion and commitment. If you have the time, it costs nothing to help a colleague in difficulty. This will help to prove that you are not part of the furniture but an active colleague.

3. Be a team player. We all know that working is tiring; however, if your team needs you, do not hesitate to help them. Show how important team spirit is for you. And, who knows, maybe your team will show you an extra trick or two to work better?

4. Smile. The main difference between a happy employee and a really happy one is the smile. Always prove your happiness in doing what you really love. And never forget to share kind words with everyone; you could make their day much better.

5. Express yourself. If you are worried about a specific situation, simply say it, no one will judge you. On the contrary, they will appreciate your honesty and humility in accepting your limits.

6. Learn from the best. Always try to work with the best in your team. It can be harder, because best colleagues can be faster, with more practical knowledge, but take it as an opportunity to learn. We have this situation at Les Roches every day with our colleagues; the challenge is part of our nature.

7. Radiate happiness. To conclude, create a happy environment around you. Remember, you receive what you give.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

Marco Pellegrini


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