7 easy tips to survive to finals

9 Jun 2015 | by Marco Pellegrini


finalsStressed about your finals? Here are 7 top tips from hospitality management BBA student, Marco Pelligrini

The end of the semester is synonymous with events and sweet and sour farewells to our graduating friends.

However, for many of us, this is also a period of stress and nerves as it is a time for finals and the expectations about our results are very high.

Today I will like to share with you a few personal tips on how to cope with the stress of final exams and give the best of yourself.

But before I do that, it is important to emphasize that, whilst the final mark is important, knowledge with application is more so.

1. Keep your course notes tidy. Collect all your paper course notes and digitalize (you can simply use Word or Power Point) and print them. This way, you will create a clear and tidy booklet about the course subjects that will help you to better organize your study.

2. Practice your critical thinking. Most of the exams are focused on personal critical opinion. Memorizing the content and throwing it on a paper doesn’t really work. Thus practice your critical thinking and always consider how you would apply theory to real life.

3. …And your hand writing! We are so used to typing on digital devices and sometimes we don’t pay attention to our calligraphy, but it is as important as the content that we write. A good first impression of your exam presentation will increase your chances to get a higher score and ease the exam correction by your teacher.

4. Focus on the main ideas. Once again write down the main ideas/topics/concepts and associate them with keywords easy to remember and apply.

5. Study in groups. I find this practice very useful. In school we have a lot of space to study together with our friends. A brainstorming before the exams can help you clear up some questions with your classmates. “What I did not understand for sure you did.”

6. Do sports. I know it might sound strange but this is extremely important; you need to clean your brain from all the stress and anxiety. The best thing to do is for sure to take a relaxing walk to the beautiful village of Crans-Montana, follow a yoga class or go to the gym for a workout session.

7. Don’t forget to enjoy the end of the semester! Also remember to enjoy your last days in Bluche (or anywhere you are studying) with your friends before going on internship or on holidays. You don’t realize it now but you will miss these days.

Good luck with your finals!

“Do or do not, there is no try”

Marco Pellegrini


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