65 Days in Switzerland

23 Mar 2012 | by Filippa


Hello friends!

I apologize for the very late update but during the past weeks I’ve been so busy with school and travelling to different places that the time to write was non-existent.

Since my last post I’ve been:

  • Skiing and drinking hot chocolate by the slopes

  • Organizing a welcome party for all new and returning students in one of the bars of the school
  • On a trip to Milan. It took us about three hours to drive there from school. We checked in at the Nhow Hotel, went to brunch, walked around the city centre and looked at all the nice shops. We went for dinner, drinks and dancing and drove back the next day. A very short but intense trip and I can’t wait to go back when the weather is a bit nicer
  • On another trip to a place called Blatten where I got to experience the Swiss carnival and go sledging down a mountain in the pitch dark (so scary!)
  • Travelling to London for a weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday
  • Enjoying the sun in parks, on a balcony, and during the “après ski”

  • Hanging out with my family who came to visit for a week
  • Booking a flight home to Sweden for Easter break

But I’ve also been…

  • Finishing a huge project involving six different subjects
  • Writing seven out of nine mid-term exams
  • Preparing three presentations
  • On many interviews and presentations with many hotel companies

I’m enjoying my time here in Switzerland a lot and time flies by so fast it’s hard to believe we are even past the half point. In three to four months I’ll be living and working in a city, but I have no idea where…That’s the beauty of the hotel industry–you have no idea where life (or work) will take you.

X Filippa



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