tips to rock first days at work

6 Tips for rocking your first day at a new job

16 Mar 2016 | by Marco Pellegrini


It is not a mystery that after long and challenging semesters and a couple of internships you will most likely secure a Manager In Training or even a direct entry position. However, when taking over a new job, the reality can hit quite hard if you are not ready to embrace these first steps of your new life. But not to worry, this guide will help you to rock your first day =)

1. Before your first day, it is highly recommended to do a thorough research about your future boss. A very useful tool to do so is LinkedIn, and, who knows, maybe you both went to the same school or share the same hobby.

2. Do not be hesitate to express your personality and your willingness to learn, as well your worries. Remember, your new managers have been in your shoes before. Listen, as well as talk.

3. Practice active listening and be like a sponge, especially during your first weeks. Learn as much as you can and then hit the ground running with the tasks your managers assign to you.

4. Get a guru. Keep an eye out for a manager who you think will make a good mentor. Mentoring has lots of benefits, from having someone you can run your ideas by to a person who helps direct and advance your career. When the time comes to actually ask someone to mentor you, it’s a good idea to explain why you want the person as your mentor and how you would like the person to help you out.

5. Don’t just get physically ready for a new gig; make sure you’re mentally prepared, too.

6. To be even more successful at your new job, develop a 30/60/90 day plan, a written outline of your strategy, and the plans you have for the first three months on the job.

To conclude, just a personal quote that I realized working shoulder to shoulder with hospitality experts.

Your personal mountain just waits to be climbed day by day.

Marco Pellegrini


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