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5 Ways University is Different to High School

23 Aug 2018 | by Les Roches


If you’ve just finished high school (or are soon to finish), then you’re probably thinking about university. Life at university is very different to high school – you’ll experience new cultures, meet new friends, have more independence and be responsible for your success. It’s an exciting time for so many reasons. Here are the five main differences you need to know about, starting with a big one.

  1. You’ll be living away from home

University encourages your independence, both in your studies and your personal life. Living at university gives you the freedom to discover your identity and become who you want to be. This independence also means you take on full responsibility for your wellbeing and studies. You should embrace this, university life is enriching, it gives you perspective, self-respect, and confidence in your ability to stand on your own two feet.

Studying at Les Roches was the most important experience of my life. (Luigi Fummo, Global Degree in Hotel Management, 2016)

Independence comes in many forms at university, from washing your clothes and waking for studies in the morning, to attending extra curricular groups and managing using your spare time. At Les Roches in particular, you’ll develop your professionalism, start building your career and enjoy the opportunity to study around the world.

  1. You’re in charge of your time

You’ll have lots of free time at university – way more than you did at high school, and it’s up to you how you use it. This freedom lets you take ownership of your life, your responsibilities and who you want to become. It doesn’t mean you’ll have less work, so it’s important to develop good time management and planning skills. Especially if you want a healthy work-life balance.

At university, you will be expected to rely less on faculty and more on yourself. The emphasis is on you understanding a subject for yourself, with an expectation that you will be doing a lot of individual reading. To help with this, most universities have dedicated study areas. At Les Roches Bluche, we have a library with over 10,000 books, professional magazines and audio-visual materials, as well as access to more than 7,000 online journals and publications for research.

  1. Your friends will be diverse and multicultural

The world’s universities are where cultures come together. You’ll see big differences compared to high school, and you’ll hear them too. This is particularly apparent at Les Roches, where diversity is celebrated – and essential for your success.

Les Roches is a truly multicultural university, with international students coming to Switzerland to seek the best education in hospitality. Come to an Open Day and you’ll hear new languages, experience new cultures, and share in different traditions. You’ll make friends and contacts in every corner of the globe, which is particularly important for a career in hospitality.

  1. You can do (and discover) what you love

Universities are built for learning and development, but not just academically. There’s a whole host of extracurricular programs, groups and events ready and waiting for you. The majority of these are run by students themselves, meaning you can meet like-minded friends, have a say and even set up your own club or association for students to enjoy.

The Les Roches campuses around the globe made me who I am now. I am innovative, eager to explore the world even further and keen to take on new challenges. I’ve become a new person and I love it. (Sarah  Ti, BBA in Hospitality Management at Les Roches, 2017)

At Les Roches, many of our students see extracurricular activities as essential to their career, such as enrolling on our Sommelier course or attending the Career and Recruitment days. Les Roches students have the opportunity to experience the world, with campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China, all offering incredible life experiences.

  1. It’s the start of your career

 University has a direct impact on your career. At university you’ll be taking a specialist subject that’s preparing you for a career. You’ll be learning the skills needed to pursue your passion, so you can add value to a company or start your own venture. Although you may feel pressured by this, you should embrace a strong career-focus, as it puts your future success in your own hands.

As well as developing your entrepreneurial and strategic skills, Les Roches also gives you the opportunity to apply them. Our professional internships will take you around the world, giving you priceless career and life experience within top companies. On our Career and Recruitment days, over 70 international brands visit the campus to share knowledge, network and find the very best talent.

Discover more at a Les Roches Open Day

You can sample university life for yourself at one of our open days. Explore the campus, meet students and discover a place where studies, travel and friendships enrich and empower you every day. Experience Les Roches for yourself – book your place at our next open day.

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