Virtual jobs in hospitality

5 Virtual Jobs in the Hospitality Field

26 Dec 2017 | by Les Roches


Virtual jobs in hospitality

One of the great things about working remotely is that there are literally thousands of different jobs available that you can do, even within the hospitality industry! You will have the flexibility to set your own hours, and once you establish yourself as an expert in your area, you will be able to start setting your own rates. Let’s take a look at some of the virtual jobs that are waiting for you within the hospitality and travel industry.

1. Travel Agent

Gone are the days when people had to walk into a travel agency to work with their travel agents. Today, many travel agents are choosing to work remotely, and their clients can make all of their travel arrangements online.

Virtual travel agents are able to help people plan leisure and corporate trips. You will need to have about three years of background experience in selling domestic and international travel services. If you already work in the travel industry, even as a call center agent, you have the experience you need to branch out and work remotely.

2. Vacation Planner

Some people want to simply enjoy their vacations, without having to worry about making plans and taking care of the mundane details themselves. This is where you could step in an offer your services.

If you love travel, have great research skills, and love working with people, this is a great opportunity. You could be handling incoming calls from people looking for their dream vacation package, and you will be responsible for putting it all together, from location to accommodations to dinner reservations and more.

3. Sales Agent

Another option is to work as a sales agent for a travel company. For instance, may cruise lines will use home-based sales agents to assist customers in booking their vacations. You may be required to be bilingual for this type of work, with the most in-demand languages for employment within the US being English and Spanish. You may even be required to speak French or other languages. Even if being bilingual is not a requirement for the job you want, having the ability to speak more than one language could help you to earn more per hour than those who only speak English.

4. Reservation Agent

“You don’t have to work in a call center in order to be a call center agent. As long as you have the right tech, including an Internet connection, a good computer, and a headset, you can easily do this type of work from home, or any other location,” says an agent from Gadget Salvation.

You will be taking reservations, just as you would at a traditional call center, and there are many airlines, hotel chains, and other employers who use remote workers for this type of work. Your job will also include customer service, and you will find yourself answering many questions about travel times, when to arrive at the airport, etc.

5. Virtual Assistant

Some companies are looking to hire virtual assistants who specialize in travel. Often, these are companies that are looking for a concierge for their high-value clients, and want to make sure that they get the absolute best travel experience. You would be taking care of a lot of personal requests, from making hotel and restaurant reservations to offering advice on things to do, securing tickets to shows, and more. For this, you really do need to upgrade your tech so you can be fast and accurate.

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