5 top tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur by Jean-Claude Biver

8 Dec 2015 | by Les Roches


In November, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, came to Les Roches to speak on how to become a successful entrepreneur. His presentation is part of Les Roches Leadership Series which is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge insight and analysis from industry leaders to our students and to the wider Les Roches community around the world.

1. Don’t be afraid of failing: learn to fail and start over again – it’s part of the learning process.

2. Find your passion and work hard: wake up earlier than your competitors and work longer hours than they do, gain advantage and you will beat them. If you work in your passion, you will never perceive it as work but as a hobby.

And by way of proving he lives what he preaches, Jean-Claude works 18 hours a day and finds great pleasure on it. He says that those who are not passionate about their jobs look forward to the weekend in order to disconnect and do what they are passionate about. Why not turn your hobby into a profession instead?

He is so passionate about his work that his wife has to force him (and his 16-year old son who plays games in his room) to stop and have dinner. He is constantly alert. He can wake up in the middle of the night, to check whether he sent an important email before going to sleep.

3. Be creative: creativity has to be at the core of your business. Don’t limit yourself to copying what your competitors are doing. Take a risk and go one step further. You can fail but at least you will have tried.

4. Surround yourself with great people: delegate and rely on them, you can’t succeed alone.

5. Love and share. Find the right wife/husband. We all need love and peace of mind, we all need affection and balance. He recalled several times the Beatles song “All you need is love” that was released in 1967, while he has a hippie living in a commune.

Some famous people who only ever slept/sleep a few hours each night include Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Thomas Edison, Martha Stewart, Marissa Mayer, Nikola Tesla.

What do you think? To be successful do you really have to sacrifice sleep?

How does work/life balance fit into the equation?

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