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5 signs that you have studied abroad

14 Apr 2015 | by Les Roches


1.   Your Instagram feed is devoted to photos of your time abroad

2.    You know how to say ‘hi’ in more than five languages

3. Wanderlust has taken over your life

4. One of your favourite movies is ‘The Spanish apartment’

5.    Your hometown feels way too small now no matter where you live  (there’s so much world out there!)

6.    You call your roommate sister/brother – they are your family abroad. Well, not sure whether Blair and Serena are the best example, but you know what we mean, right?

7.    Adrenaline becomes part of your life

You are allergic to routine.  New places, new friends, new habits, new challenges… what at the beginning terrifies you, turn out to become addictive.

8.    Pasta has become your favourite after party snack before going to bed

9.    You know how to fit your home into a suitcase

10.    People who haven’t studied abroad don’t understand you.

Les Roches


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