5 Reasons to Study Hospitality at Les Roches

23 Mar 2017 | by Les Roches


There are plenty of reasons why Les Roches is one of the best places to study hospitality and business. According to new rankings from QS, Les Roches is among the top 5 institutions worldwide for hospitality management. So in light of these results, here are 5 reasons to study hospitality at Les Roches. Feel free to add yours in the comments below!

1. Experience It All…

F&B, Rooms Division, Revenue, Facilities Management, HR… The comprehensive curriculum at Les Roches will transform the way you look at hospitality establishments. Experience for yourself the nuts and bolts that make hotels work — and learn how to apply these tools to just about any business.

2. …Then Specialize

Interested in innovation? Fancy a career in finance? Or maybe you’re an aspiring entrepreneur. Whatever your passion, you can pursue it at Les Roches. Choose from specialization courses in fields as diverse as health & wellness, marketing, and event management. Develop your expertise through research projects or a graduate dissertation. Customize your learning journey to your educational goals — and get ready for your dream career.

3. Learn from Industry Experts

From the kitchen to the classroom, learn and work with instructors who are experts in their field. At Les Roches, your professors bring global industry experience to the table — and are always available to answer questions or just have a chat. Meanwhile, invited guest speakers on campus give you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the hottest hospitality companies around.

4. Go Beyond the Classroom

What better way to learn about hospitality than by putting yourself in the driver’s seat? Sharpen your event management skills by organizing a Cultural Night extravaganza. Develop your flair for F&B by cooking and serving in real kitchens and restaurants. Test yourself and ignite your entrepreneurial skills in global hospitality competitions. At Les Roches, you have plenty of opportunities to go beyond the classroom — and that’s not even counting the international work experience you gain while on internship!

5. Gain a Global Perspective

Where else can you … study with classmates from nearly 100 nationalities? Transfer across an international network of campuses? Complete a global bachelor degree in three countries — while doing internships in two more? Go on immersive study trips to visit hospitality hotspots around the world? And join a worldwide alumni community of 12,000 in 130 countries?

At Les Roches, the world truly is your classroom!



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