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5 important things to consider before accepting your first job

12 Jul 2016 | by Marco Pellegrini


One of the main consequences of growing up is the awareness that, from now on, all the choices we make matter even more — one of them being the decision of which path to follow immediately after university in the business world.

I graduated a few months ago, and along the process of looking for a job I have learned a few good lessons that I would like to share with you.

From my experience, here are 5 things that you should always bear in mind before accepting a job offer.

1. Benefits versus salary

It is acceptable to have unspoken compromises such as: if the company provides you with accommodation, maybe your salary will be a bit lower, or vice versa. However, you should ensure that there is always something in exchange for your performance that is worth your time and effort.

2. Make sure to understand your rights and responsibilities

Always check in the contract the section regarding your future role and responsibilities. For example, if you are hired as Management Trainee for the Food and Beverage department, you should not read lines like: “cut the grass” or “drive guests home.”

3. Listen to your heart

Always be honest with yourself. If you think that this job is not going to make you happy or does not satisfy your career expectations, do not accept it just because you are worried about losing a good chance. Remember: when a door closes, a window opens.

4. Do not forget to research your future location

If you are relocating, do your research. The Internet will be your best friend for this task. This way, you will be able to find out if this new place is for you. Also, ask for an insider’s opinion from people who worked there before — maybe you can even find someone among the Alumni community.

5. Prepare yourself for homesickness

If you are going to start off far from your home country, be prepared to perhaps feel alone during the first month or so until you get the chance to socialize and start meeting people. Nothing wrong about that, as it is part of the experience of getting out of your comfort zone, but just be mentally ready, and everything will be all right!

Good luck, recent graduates out there!

Marco Pellegrini


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