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5 big mistakes to avoid when writing university applications

27 Aug 2015 | by Les Roches


Just occasionally, a half-baked application will arrive at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, among the hundreds of brilliant, well-written ones that we receive each year.

Below are five mistakes prospective students have made and what you should do to avoid them, whichever university you choose to apply to.

1. They didn’t read the application requirements

If it says on the form that you need 7 years’ high-school experience in order to start a BBA in international hotel management, then it’s no good applying if you’ve only completed 5.

If English is not your first language, you must send a certificate from one of the accredited language schools that are listed in the requirements page.

2. They didn’t do a spell check

Know your ‘theirs’ from your ‘there’s’ and your ‘its’ from your ‘it’s’. Print out each section of your application form before you submit and get a friend or a family member to check it through. All good writers will tell you to leave what you write for a day or so, before going back to check that everything makes sense.

3. The portfolio was incomplete

It’s very easy to forget to include all the documents. Before you start the application process, find out what documents you need to submit. Write down the ones you need to get hold of (e.g. grade certificates, residence papers) and tick them off, one by one, when you upload them.

4. They prepared badly for the interview

Get ready for an interview. If possible, schedule a time, find a quiet place, prepare a list of reasons why you want to study at the university and how you think you will fit in.

Ask someone (who’s not afraid to be a bit tough on you) to do a practice interview with you.

5. They wrote a boring application essay or CV

Remember that Admissions teams have hundreds of applications to read through. They are interested in people who are interesting.

Here’s a link to a good CV sample and some tips on how to fill out your resumé if you don’t have any prior work experience: CLICK HERE

Make a mental scheme of your plans after graduation. Give your degree a purpose, show your passion even if you don’t know yet in which field or sector you would like to specialize.

At Les Roches, we believe everyone is interesting and has potential – but you have to show the reader a glimmer of this in your application form.

Les Roches


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