Only 4 weeks left until Graduation!

1 May 2013 | by Lisa


I am currently in my final semester 7 of the Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship. This has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding semester. It is great to look back at four years of Les Roches education. We came together as strangers in the beginning, progressed during the years by working together and now we are approaching the final stage of graduation. Time literally flies!

Eta Sigma Delta Ceremony 2013.1

Time to specialize

This semester is very challenging, as the projects are very diverse and depend on the stream chosen. As I am specializing in Entrepreneurship, I am working with three classmates who come from New Zealand, America and Brazil on realizing a business idea. We just submitted a self-produced video to convince potential investors of our business. The location is London Heathrow Airport and deals with a unique way of Car Sharing. We literally started with a blank piece of paper and after weeks of hard work we are now ready to submit the more than 10 000 word report about our business idea, which includes our concept, the marketing strategy, organizational aspects, potential risks, and most importantly the financial aspect and feasibility.

Honors Degree

Apart from the other subjects of Tourism, Revenue Management, Business Planning, Architecture and Managing buildings, the dissertation keeps me very busy as I am applying a unique research method in a field that has never been explored before. The topic of my dissertation is “The impact of Revenue Management on disabled hotel guests”. With the help of my supervisor I am aiming for an Honors degree upon my graduation.

Eta Sigma Delta Students 2013.1

The day of graduation is in four weeks and we all have mixed emotions about it. One eye smiling and ready to face the real working life, but also one eye crying as we leave our beloved friends who became like a family for each of us.

This video will give you an insight of graduation at Les Roches:

Our Career office is giving us lots of support and organizes a wide range of company presentations and interviews on campus. Event companies, cruise lines, several other hospitality industries, even Valentino and Louis Vuitton came to recruit on campus this semester.

I will keep you all updated on my project results and I am glad to inform you that I signed my job contract. Due to so many job offers it was a very hard decision where to start off, but I will work in London for the Hotel Opening of Rosewood as a Supervisor. I am extremely delighted about this opportunity.

Best wishes from Bluche!




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