25 signs you are a les roches global student

25 Signs You Are a Global Bachelor Student 

30 May 2017 | by Les Roches


When you join Les Roches’ Global Bachelor program, you don’t just sign up for a degree — you sign up for a wild, round-the-world adventure! Studying in Switzerland, China and Spain leaves you with unforgettable memories and changes who you are. How, you ask? Read on for the 25 telltale signs of a Global Bachelor student!

1. You are not afraid to drop everything every six months and move to a different country.

2. You ate fondue on top of a Swiss mountain and sled all the way down in an intense competition between students and program managers.

3. You were excited to receive a different name badge and student card in every campus you visited. The best student card was the one from Les Roches Jin Jiang since you got Mandarin characters on it!

25 signs you are a les roches global student

4. You traded your bowling nights in Crans-Montana for more exciting clubbing nights in Shanghai, but somehow still missed Switzerland (or just a little bit).

5. You traveled through different regions in China with your program manager, the funniest tour guide and an even funnier bus driver who serenaded you with Chinese melodies.

25 signs you are a les roches global student

6. You enjoyed (and dreaded) more than a few taxi rides in Shanghai with Jimmy and his brothers (how many brothers did he have anyway?).

7. You went to Victor’s Beach during lunch break in Marbella even though you were still wearing your suit or kitchen uniform.

8. You came to accept the constant shouting going on in the Marbella kitchen (Yes… we are talking about you, Chef Burton).

25 signs you are a les roches global student

9. You ate that delicious fruit growing in the patio of the Marbella campus, although you never really knew what it was.

10. You learned how to bargain in Mandarin.

11. You have friends from all over the world and know you can count on them for anything.

25 signs you are a les roches global student

12. You could not wait to leave school for internship, but ended up looking forward to meeting each other again after a long break.

13. You became a pro at calculating the difference between the value of foreign currency and your home currency.

14. You have coins from all over the world in your wallet and in the bottom of your suitcases, never to be exchanged.

15. You have, on average, about five different phone numbers from each of your classmates.

16. You ate street food in Fengxian without a care in the world.

17. You are not scared to be the “new kid.”

25 signs you are a les roches global student

18. You do not know what to put when a form asks you for your permanent address.

19. You go home for vacation. Sometimes you even feel like a tourist when you go back.

20. Your class could be as religiously, politically and racially diverse as the United Nations.

21. You have so many different time zones saved on your phone in order to know when to contact friends or family.

22. You learn to accept and appreciate other cultures more than you ever did before.

23. You learn how to push through a crowd in China. What took you 30 minutes in the beginning of the semester ended up taking you five minutes by the end of it.

24. You don’t mind moving to a country where you don’t speak the language. As long as you know how to say “cheers!” and “thank you,” it’s enough to get you by.

25. You realize that the Global Bachelor learning experience does not stop inside the classroom. The cultural experience is every bit as valuable as the educational.

Carolina Lopez
Global Degree student
Class 2017

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