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5 Nov 2014 | by Les Roches


Trisha Dube is aLes Roches postgraduate diploma in international hospitality management Switzerland alumni Trisha Dube entrepreneur founder inspirago infinity n Indian entrepreneur, who graduated from the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management in 2012, and in January 2013, set up her own Kolkota-based events company, Inspirago Infinity.

Les Roches Digital Marketing team caught up with her (over the internet, of course) and asked her 10 short questions. We like number 10, the best, btw.

  • Can you outline your career path in a LinkedIn nutshell?

– Founder & CEO, Inspirago Infinity, Kolkata, India. January 2013- present

– Manager in Development Program, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant at The London West Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, USA, July 2012- July 2013

– PR & Client Servicing Executive, Sobhagya Advt. Services, Kolkata, India, April 2010- Feb 2011

– Client Servicing Internship, JWT, Kolkata, India, Feb 2010

– Personal Assistant, Kropp Law Offices P.C, North Dakota. USA, Aug 2006 – Feb 2007

– Sales Associate & Receptionist Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, USA, May – Aug (2005)(2006)

– Internship, Trisys Communications Ltd., Kolkata, India, May – July 2002

  • Your career is very events-oriented. Why did you choose to do a postgraduate diploma in hotel management, and not, for example, events?

I wanted the flexibility to be able to work in hotels or events or both, such as events in hotels.

During my studies at Les Roches, I enjoyed working on the Integrated Project the most, because it involved conceptualising, designing and implementing an event according to a given theme.

When I applied for my management training placement after graduating, I opted to work in a hotel where I would get more exposure in F&B and events, since F&B is the core of any event.  I was fortunate to work for Michelin-rated Gordon Ramsay Fine Dining Restaurant and other Food & Beverage outlets at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

This was a great learning experience for me because it allowed me to tie together a theoretical background that I gained in Les Roches and translate it into actual application of my skills in a real-life work environment for niche events for VIP clients and celebrities.

  • What does Inspirago Infinity do?

Inspirago Infinity is an event management and production company which has managed a wide variety of events. We have produced theatre plays, run a sold-out show with a mentalist and illusionist from Germany, organised an art show in Rome, conceptualised and executed Indian weddings and are working towards finalising more theatre productions and events.

To see us in action: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

  • What are your plans for the future?

To follow our philosophy of doing each event with a fresh outlook and strive to bring uniqueness in everything we do. Be it our own productions or in events we conceptualise and manage.

  • How do you strive to beat competition?

The diversity of our team is our strength and this helps us stand apart from our competition. We have team members who have work experience in different fields and countries. We also let our work speak for itself. When we began we just needed one client to believe in our work. And today we can proudly say we are slowly and steadily gaining recognition as professionals in our field.

  • Why did you decide to launch your own company?

My working style is very independent. I flourish when given the freedom to explore and challenge myself in situations. In Los Angeles, my managers had my kind of management style, whereby I was given space to experiment and take control, rather than being told what to do and having a monotonous set routine at work.

I believe that is a major reason behind the confidence I had to follow my dream of opening my own company one day. With the work experience I felt it was time to make that dream a reality.

  • Are entrepreneurs born or can they be trained?

I don’t believe entrepreneurs are born. I didn’t know I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I was little. But it was a journey of self-discovery, hard work, mistakes and a determined attitude combined with guidance which let me to be an entrepreneur.  From experience, I have seen that most adults who wanted to start their own business didn’t because they were afraid of failure or didn’t know from where to start. So many gave up.

  • Why did you choose Les Roches and how does what you learnt help you in your role?

Switzerland is known to be the hospitality capital of the world and many friends in the hotel industry had recommended Les Roches to me. Plus, I was looking for a 1-year program that fitted my needs and budget and gave me opportunities to get a work placement on graduating.

Those who know me will agree that I am very set in my ways. I have a set plan and follow it rigidly.

Les Roches taught to be more flexible and to know that if things don’t work out my way it’s not the end of the world. I was taught this through my classes, classmates and interactions with my teachers and most of all, the Integrated Project. I was also my Class Delegate, something I didn’t expect and was a little hesitant to accept, but I guess my classmates saw I had leadership potential even before I did. Being pushed in a positive way gave me a big boost of confidence which led to me to secure an amazing internship with Gordon Ramsay and then eventually start my own event company.

  • I read in the Times of India that the consul generals of Italy and the US were at the launch of your company.  How important is networking to your work and does a Les Roches education help?

Networking and marketing is everything in any field. People need to know me and my company. HTrisha7ence, I ensured my event had good PR and that I personally met every guest at my company launch event and gave them my business card.

Many commented on the unique card I have, which looks like a mini passport. I designed it that way because I am a world traveller and that ismy identity.

Instantly when people see my card they recollect my event and me, and half my work is done. Especially in India, it’s not about what you do, but who you know. Contacts are crucial. Les Roches helped immensely, because I met people from various fields and apart from being good friends, my friends in Les Roches also happen to be experts in their field of business or hospitality and are always willing to guide me should I require their assistance.

  • Can you describe in a few words what Les Roches means to you?

Les Roches is truly a way of life. Being a student at Les Roches is not only about being an A-grade student. It’s about cherishing the entire experience which moulds us into leaders and trains us to do our best at everything we do.

Les Roches has amazing teachers and interactive classes, I got to meet wonderful people from all over the world, had the opportunity to participate in events on campus, received guidance for job placements and got an opportunity to meet and be interviewed by the best hotel companies from all over the world.

Also, how many colleges can boast of having a swimming pool outside your classroom!

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