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10 minutes with Dr. Detlev Remy, Program Manager

22 Jun 2015 | by Les Roches


Remy Detlev Les Roches International School of Hotel ManagementDr. Detlev Remy, Program Manager at Les Roches, talks about his recent trip to Hoga Schulen, Dresden as a guest lecturer.

Earlier this month, Dr. Remy travelled to Hoga Schulen Dresden to deliver a 5-hour lecture to 60 students on social media and e-distribution in the hotel sector.

The hotel school Dresden is unique in that it integrates primary, secondary and higher education and incorporates a hotel management school. Another reason it’s unique: Nico Schmid, Les Roches BBA / MBA alumnus who graduated 4 years ago is the director.

So, how do you make a 5-hour lecture entertaining?

In the case of this lecture, the students are engaged and come prepared with a lot of questions and reflections. But the subject matter also helps. Revenue management and marketing are subjects that are in constant flux, and social media, perhaps more than any topic, is always at the crest of a wave of change.

Dr. Remy introduced them to the huge variety of social media, and its application in the hospitality industry. You’d think that young students all over the world are keyed into social media, but surprisingly Facebook and Twitter have little traction among the youth in Germany. What’s App, however, is much more widely used.

Regarding distribution, Dr. Remy introduced the concept of hotel distribution, and then spoke about e-commerce and the on-going battle with Online Travel Agencies. He discussed ideas about how to deal profitably with distribution partners (who take 8-25% fees in commission).

With regards to delivering guest lectures, Dr. Remy gives unequivocally enthusiastic support.

It’s great that we can give guest lectures. During four years, I travelled to Latvia to speak at three different universities on brand marketing and revenue marketing as part of an official program of exchange between Latvia and Switzerland.

“I am due to go to Finland this autumn to lecture at the Haaga-Helia hotel school on revenue management, and also participate as a panel member of quality experts in Lithuania. The point for the faculty, is that it’s good to go to another student body. You can learn other teaching methods, another culture, broaden your horizons and see how to apply your ideas to a different audience. It’s good to bring back the opinions of other students to infuse the debates I have with our students here.

Dr. Remy is one of some faculty at Les Roches who are invited to give lectures around the world in subjects relating to hospitality management. It’s just one way they keep abreast not just of their subject matter, but of pedagogical methods. And in acting as informal ambassadors, they are able to they take a bit of les Roches to the world, and bring a bit of the world back to Les Roches. Which, being an international community, we naturally love.

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