Samuel Dujoncquoy, Kitchen Instructor at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland

10 minutes with Samuel Dujoncquoy, Kitchen Instructor at Les Roches

25 Aug 2014 | by Les Roches


Name: Samuel Dujoncquoy
Job title: Kitchen Instructor
Programs and courses taught: BBA3, in charge of Tacot lunch or dinner, Culinary 2123
Number of years at Les Roches: 3 years

  • What do you find inspiring about hospitality?

Hospitality is a very exciting world. Indeed, there are no boarders or limits in this world. In hospitality, you can work all over the world.

And it’s not only a question of location, but also of people. During my career in hospitality, I have had, and will continue to have, the opportunity to meet people from different origins, cultures, ways of thinking. This is really inspiring because we can learn from someone different every day.

  • What do you find inspiring at Les Roches?

Samuel Dujoncquoy, Kitchen Instructor at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland Les Roches is really inspiring because this establishment is an ideal place to meet many people that can teach you many, many things.

Indeed, students and colleagues help make me better every day. Thanks to this environment, you can develop yourself in several areas: professional skills, human relationship skills…

I think that this school is really nice for the students because they can discover that the world is huge and different, just by looking around them.

Indeed, we have so many nationalities that this is a perfect opportunity for them. When they graduate, they get access to a really huge address book through the Alumni Association. It’s a big advantage to get a network like that even before starting work.

  • What are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

One of the biggest challenges is to transmit the happiness I have when I am working.

When I cook it’s a pleasure! I would like to convey the pleasure to every student. Usually, it is not a problem because students have a lot of motivation! But the challenge is to convey this in a short space of time. However, I try to transmit my love for my job to every student as much as I can.

  • Describe an experience you have had which sums up ‘Les Roches is not just a school, it’s a way of life’

I do not have a precise example to give. I would like to say that I can experience this every day in the kitchen and, especially when we give them the opportunity to create and to serve their own menu to the guest.

Indeed, on Friday lunch, at Le Tacot, we ask them to prepare their own business menu. They have to work as a brigade, doing “team work.”

I am frequently surprised by their organization and their team spirit to serve good quality food. They want to satisfy the guest and they know that to do this, they do not have any choice but to work together.

And they do it! This experience demonstrates that, whatever the nationalities, and the origins, they have one goal and they want to reach it together in order to satisfy the guest.

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