1 Month In…

6 Jul 2011 | by Whitney


Angkor Wat Temple and its reflection

I have now been in Cambodia for a month. And what a month it has been! On arrival at the smallest international airport I have ever seen, the first thing I noticed was that it smelled like lemon grass and the air was warm and thick with moisture (its rainy season here), so unlike the mountains in Bluche. It was a welcome change after having travelled for a looong time. I spent the first few days taking it all in and getting over my jet lag.

Tuk tuk or taxi

Siem Reap is a very historically rich area and there are a number of ancient temples which span reigns of both Buddhist and Hindu kings and the overlapping of the two eras makes the buildings even more interesting.  I visited Angkor Wat and was blown away by the attention to detail throughout the structures and the homage paid to the gods of both religions. The town of Siem Reap is very busy and colourful with bicycles, cars, trucks, mopeds, tuk tuks and people sharing the thankfully wide roads.

A window in the temple gates

It took me some time to figure out exactly what side of the road Cambodians drive on and found that officially it’s the right but I must say that not many take this into consideration. There are a number of markets and quite a happening night life of pubs and restaurants filled with travelers.

Travelling alone, as I am, isn’t a problem at all as most are open to meeting any and all new people.

La Residence d’Angkor proved to be more beautiful than the pictures I saw before coming here. The property is absolutely stunning, full of greenery and wood it has a certain old-world charm. So far, work has been good, not overly busy because it is officially low season here along with the rain. When the rain stops sometime in October, tourism high season begins. My duties have not been too numerous yet as I am still getting used to the way of working here and the hotel itself. The staff members (and all Cambodian people so far) are very welcoming and ready to answer any questions. I feel quite at home already and ready to sink my teeth in.

I am certain that I will learn a lot, not just the techniques and service styles and the running of the hotel but culture and working with people as well.

Today I bought a bicycle… wish me luck with driving on the right side of the road!

Animal friends… beware of the biting monkeys.


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