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Claire & Alex

6 Aug 2013 | by



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We represent the Student Services office and are here to help you!

Lost your books, looking for a ‘WOW’ weekend, or just want to see a friendly face? We are your team! We take you and your problems very seriously but also love to have a bit of fun because… life’s just too short! ☺ You’ll find us involved in all aspects of student life outside the classroom (events, societies & committees) and all sorts of projects such as Les Roches World Map, Student Ambassadors, Student Social Committee, Les Roches MasterChef & Master Waiter competitions, Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society, etc…



Claire JeannerPostcardsat:
As an Alumna of the school, for me Les Roches is really a way of life! I have worked for Starwood and Lausanne Hospitality Consulting before coming home to Les Roches. A people-person, I really enjoy working with the students and supporting their projects. Despite my Swiss surname, I’m 100% English. When I’m not in the office, you’ll probably still see me in school with my son, a future student, no doubt… ☺

Alex Small:Winter Sun
Hi I’m Alex, also an alumnus of Les Roches. I am British born and bred but grew up here in Crans-Montana. Given that Les Roches brought my parents to Switzerland when I was young, allowing me to grow up in this beautiful area; given that I met my wife who was also studying here and given that the degrees I obtained have allowed me to travel to places such as the USA and Brazil for work, I think it is safe to say that Les Roches holds a very special place in my heart.

I look forward to seeing you all in school and the office and if I don’t see you there, then maybe on the ski slopes.

Stay tuned to our posts on Les Roches Webzine to learn more about student life on campus and share our passion for fun and events.

We hope you’ll enjoy our posts!!!

P.S. We love keeping in touch with students and receiving postcards from all over the world!


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