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Mikhail Merican

3 Aug 2015 | by Les Roches


Les Roches international school of hotel management student bloggerI have grown up, immersed in sports, music and acting. I play golf competitively and practice martial arts. I have a fair share of personal achievements which I gained through playing in many tournaments, but what benefited me the most in competitive sports was idea of teamwork. I have always had this positive attitude towards endurance and healthy living too.  Music is a key part of my life as well. I am part of a band and am about to record our own material.

I value the learning process of music and sports because it has shown me means and ways to have the discipline and focus to deal with real life issues & challenges in the world that gives more meaning to that old saying “Practice makes perfect” that I now apply in my life.

What I love most is the acting, though. I have worked in TV and theatre since I was 6 and won numerous awards.

Reflecting back some of the highlights of my career and things I have learnt over the past years were about the process of growing up, reaching for my dreams and facing the challenges. Beyond any doubt and my expectations, the blessings would have not been possible without the unconditional love and relationships with my family and special people in different places and situations that helped shape who I am today,  I am indebted to them.

However, my adventure does not end at home. Quoting one of my favourite movies, “Home is behind, the World is ahead”. My journey to Les Roches has been an interesting one with to my belief, divine intervention. My father was also from Les Roches and he graduated in the class of 1988 winter intake. He was among 40 other Malaysians at that time. He was a valedictorian of Les Roches as well. So in a nutshell he has been working in the industry for close to 35 years here in Malaysia. He started at the bottom, and now he is the current Vice President of the Malaysian Associations of Hotels. So basically since I was born, I was brought up around hotels and resorts all around Asia. My passion for this industry was sparked by the inspiration of my dad. Seeing him waking up everyday to go to work and knowing that he enjoys and is still passionate everyday about it. And when I asked him where he learnt all this from, all he said was Les Roches.

Last but not the least, I believe that everyone has their own moral code to live by. A code that only the individual can tap into anytime which stays in that person forever.  For me, I follow these essential and simple things in life like Love of God, Love and Respect for parents, obedience, humility, patience, self-control and service to my community. Striving to give my best in achieving my goals using my drive to overcome obstacles is one thing but having hope in trying the impossible and making it possible through sheer passion that ignites the path to success to have a purposed driven and more meaningful life is another.  There are no mistakes in life, just lessons.

“Smooth Seas don’t make a good Sailor”


Les Roches


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