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Hi Everyone,

I’m glad to get this opportunity to represent Les Roches as an Alumni blogger. I have been paying my notice to Les Roches since I left Bluche 14 years ago!

Thanks to the cooperative project between the National Tourism Bureau of China and Les Roches, in January 1997, some 20 hoteliers and I went to Les Roches for an one year Modular Course . We had the study program in school during the first half, and took the internship from June 1997 till the end of the year. My internship was at the Hotel Derby in Leukerbad. Now I still keep in touch with my former boss.

China has accomplished fast economic growth since the last decade; the hotel industry also experienced great change and new development. For the Hotel Central Garden Beijing where I work, we’ve performed well and attained good profitability for the past 4 years. But, the industry here is also facing some problems that I may talk or discuss later in my blog.

I have one daughter. She is now in grade 3 of middle school. One thing I would like to say here: When I just began my internship in Leukerbad, Swiss in July 1997, my daughter was born in Beijing!

My wife was 4 months pregnant in January 1997 when I left Beijing for Les Roches! As you may understand, that was very special time for our family. People have to make a choice when they are on the intersection. My wife gave me a huge and important support!

Although, the hotel work and daily operations put me under much pressure and challenge, I like it and have gotten used to it. During my spare time, usually I go for photography or doing some sports, write my blog and share with other bloggers. Also I try to arrange at least one time traveling each year in another area of China or overseas.

Ok, that is the brief introduction of mine. I believe our alumni blog can make good news and progress, that we can attract more and more readers. I am looking forward to reading other alumni’s blog too.

With my sincere and best wishes to Les Roches!

Best regard

Michael Wang


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