Katharina Westphal

6 Aug 2013 | by



My name is Katharina Westphal and I am the Alumni Coordinator at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. I not only represent the Alumni but I am also one myself. Recently having finished (December 2012) my Master’s degree with Les Roches, I was not ready to leave this little area called Bluche.


Originally I was born and raised in Germany. Around the age of nine we moved to the States for my father’s job. These years were extremely important for my family and I. I walked away from it with such an incredible network to always come back to, on top of the incredible family I already have.


What drives me in life are my hobbies. Starting with my animals (my parrot, my cat and my horse), they make life just so much more fun! I am very active between horseback ridding and running. I love running, it has been a passion of mine, since the age of 7 when I started running with my dad. Since then I have done different marathons/races and I am hoping to be able to do many more in my lifetime.


I look forward to sharing with you stories about our alumni, about the department, and just in general interesting facts. You wouldn’t want to miss out!


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