Elie Berchan

5 Aug 2013 | by


You must all be wondering why you should read this blog and whether to go for another one or not. The answer is very simple: All blogs are helpful as we are here to share experiences.

Sometime ago, I was sitting behind the same screen and looking at it the same way you are doing now and thought that it is so hard to get that far! But guess what? It was just a matter of planning.

Me, Elie Berchan, born in Ohio, USA with Lebanese blood, lived in Lebanon till college time. Becoming a Hotelier was my dream since I was a child so I decided to go to Switzerland to pursue my studies at Les Roches and graduated in 2006. Prior to going there, I had a TV experience as a TV Presenter for a Kids TV show when I was 13 and it was a great success as it gave me lots of self-confidence. I learned how to be independent when I was a boy scout for 4 years and practiced it when I moved out in 2003. While studying and after I graduated I had the chance to work for the best hotel chains around the world: Intercontinental Phoenicia Beirut, Moevenpick Geneva, Grand Hyatt Atlanta, Raffles Dubai, Radisson Abu Dhabi Yas Island and Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa.

I always had in mind to open something special for me, therefore, I decided to go back to Lebanon in 2012 and start my business: Elie Berchan Wedding and Events Creation.

Today, it is a great success and I thought of sharing it with you to give you a rough idea on what Hoteliers can do.


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