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devina1Hi! I’m Devina, and I will be starting my Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management degree at LR this coming fall.

Shortly after getting married in India, my parents moved to Dubai. This is where my younger brother and I were born. A couple of years later, my dad’s job relocated us to the tiny city-country of Singapore where I lived till I was 17. I then moved to Vancouver, BC, but more about that later.

I feel very lucky to have had grown up in Singapore where dull moments were a rarity. From beautiful beaches, to shopping, to an immense amount of nightlife, my weekends were always packed with lots of fun things to do. Growing up in South East Asia made travelling a hobby for me, because it was just so easy!

Teaching an orphaned child the English alphabet (Hong Kong).

I graduated from the United World College of South East Asia with an IB Diploma. Here, I was involved in sports such as touch rugby, but mainly spent my free time engrossed in various philanthropic activities. Over my four years in UWCSEA, I took the time to fly out to help two under-privileged local schools. One of these was in the Indian Himalayan Mountains, and the other was based in Hong Kong.

High school made me realize that I enjoyed practical tasks more than academic ones, because they allowed me to be more hands-on and interact with various individuals. I thrived in situations where I was expected to plan events that relied on many different elements coming together.

Upon graduating, I received two scholarships from the University of British Columbia for a BA in Psychology. Although my passion lay in hospitality, I believed that the ‘safer’ route would be pursing psychology as I had previously taken it as a subject in high school for 2 years.

UBC was an experience of a lifetime. I was living on one of the most beautiful campuses (dare I say it) in the world. It resembled a small city in the sense that everything I needed was easily accessible by foot on campus. Just like Bluche, the views that British Columbia provided were phenomenal. I could go on and on describing the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the beautiful snow-peaked mountains, or I could just let the photo below sum it up in a thousand words.

Teaching an orphaned child the English alphabet (Hong Kong).

I made some lifelong friends at UBC, some of whom were part of the sorority that I joined.

During my holidays, I interned at 3 different restaurants and event planning companies. All this work experience in the hospitality industry made me realize that I was not doing what I am passionate about. This became the catalyst that made me make the move to Les Roches.

I am excited to yet another exciting chapter of my life to begin at LR. I will keep this blog updated with my experiences and (hopefully) many trips around Europe.

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