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15 May 2017 | by Les Roches


Hello, everyone! My name is Akila Waka and I’m a South African. I was born in Johannesburg, a famous city in South Africa (not the capital), and grew up in Mozambique, a neighboring country on the coast of the Indian Ocean. I traveled very often when I was growing up and visited most of Southern Africa, including Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Malawi and South Africa; in addition, I have also been to Asia and the UAE. By visiting multiple hotels, chalets, campsites etc., my love for the hospitality industry began.

A Foodie at Heart

My mother is a very good cook as she started to cook when she was seven years old due to the lack of food in the communist times of Mozambique. She developed a love for cooking which she passed on to me. While I did not start to cook when I was seven, I did start to help my mother make wedding cakes, pastries and savory dishes for her catering business. Soon after, when I was 12 years old, I started to independently cook simple dishes.

My love for food has grown so much since then. My second internship at The Cotton House Hotel as a concierge pushed me to start my blog; I was led by the most inspiring people. I have since been documenting old and new experiences I have had with food, and it has been the most satisfying feeling. I travel often to try new flavors and new trends around the world, and I keep track of my discoveries on my food blog on Instagram.

Future Career Goals

My dream is to pursue a career related to hospitality journalism. This has been a recent revelation for me — everything I have experienced in Les Roches and my internships has contributed to this dream. I hope to improve my writing skills by offering multiple food-related articles for students and for upcoming students to understand the diversity of food on campus, in Switzerland and beyond.

For more insights, shoot me a question or follow me on social media:

Instagram Blog: www.instagram.com/kiki.foodie
Twitter: twitter.com/KikiFoodie
Tumblr: akilathefoodie.tumblr.com/
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kiki.foodie/
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Email: akila.waka@lesroches.ch

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