Dr Stuart Jauncey

Welcome to Les Roches,
the only hospitality school to offer a truly global experience.

Les Roches is “not just a school, it is a way of life.” But what makes it more than just an educational institution?

Is it our worldwide schools, located in stunning parts of Switzerland, Spain and China? Is it our traditional and unique model of Swiss hospitality education, one that provides hands-on learning, exciting internships and up-to-date industry knowledge? Or is it our faculty, who bring years of hospitality experience and act as both mentors and educators?

The real reason that makes Les Roches a way of life is our students. They form a community that goes beyond graduation, creating a global alumni network that stretches across the globe. They support one another and share values, like professionalism, teamwork and open-mindedness. They come from all over the world, creating an exciting blend of different cultures. They transform into future leaders, ready to take hospitality to new and exciting places.

On behalf of the Les Roches community, I look forward to welcoming you into this community, this network and this “way of life.”