5 reasons to study at our school

A Les Roches hospitality management business degree gives you the best preparation for a brilliant career.

Here are just a few reasons why:



The curriculum at Les Roches is proudly based on the Swiss model of experiential learning, and learning by doing is at the heart of our programs. Through this blend of academic excellence, hands-on learning and real-world challenges, students develop a 360-degree understanding of hospitality business management.

Our hospitality management degrees combine:

  • Hospitality education rooted in Swiss standards of excellence
  • Rigorous academic study
  • Professional, international internships
  • Hands-on leadership and business mentoring by experienced faculty
  • Industry-relevant specializations and electives to customize your learning


Les Roches is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Accreditation is a peer review process that assures quality and fosters improvement. NECHE is the oldest accrediting association of the United States and evaluates universities such as Harvard, Yale and MIT.

  • Public assurance of educational quality through regular evaluations
  • Les Roches is one of only three Swiss institutions to have NECHE accreditation
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The global network of Les Roches campuses offers seamless transfers and the opportunity to customize a unique educational pathway. In addition, students from more than 100 countries come to study at Les Roches, forming a campus community rich in cultural diversity. By living and learning together, students develop the skills to work in multicultural environments. Professional internship semesters enable students to take their international experience even further.

  • Global network of campuses in Switzerland, Spain, and China
  • Student body representing more than 100 different nationalities
  • Internship opportunities across the world


Even after you graduate, your Les Roches “family” is never far. Graduating students become lifelong members of the Les Roches Alumni Association, an active network with 12,000 members all over the world. The Alumni Association helps members stay connected and informed of social and professional events and opportunities.

  • Alumni network with 12,000 engaged members in more than 130 countries
  • Exclusive alumni platform and job opportunities
  • Calendar of global events for exchange and networking
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Les Roches has excellent ties with the industry, and Les Roches graduates are in demand. Each year, top-tier brands in hospitality and beyond come to our campuses to recruit students for internships and full-time jobs. In addition, key faculty members and our industry advisory board ensure that graduates have the skills to meet tomorrow’s industry needs.

Les Roches is ranked number 2 for employer reputation among hospitality institutes worldwide, 200 company visits take place across the Les Roches network each year and industry immersion is built into the curriculum.
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Parents, Les Roches is preparing your child for a world of opportunity

A Les Roches degree opens incredible doors for your child’s career, as well as nurturing their growth as individuals and as leaders. We ensure they are career ready, through a variety of strategies: Industry internships, Industry recruitment visits on campus, Studying abroad opportunities, A large, international alumni network, Career advice through the Career Development Industry Placement office.

Parents Testimonials

Fadia Assassa, mother of Joanna Lahham“Since attending Les Roches, my daughter is much more confident, flexible and open minded to different cultures. It has been a worthwhile investment, which enhances, matures and enriches the students’ personalities.”

Fadia Assassa, Syria.
Mother of Joanna Lahham, 2012 Graduate

Khullar Familly“Les Roches is extremely professional. The environment prepares our children well for the outside world; it provides a great balance of theory and practical work.”

Sanjay Khullar, India.
Father of Aradhana Khullar.

Jumbhot Chuasai“I have seen my son grow to be a happy young man. He has developed a keen interest in hospitality management which I think will be most relevant to his future career. I am convinced that his education here will open up many opportunities for him in the future.”

Mr. Jumbhot Chuasai, Thailand.
Father of Sarin Chuasai

Robert Bland, father of Tristan“As a parent, so far I have been very impressed by everything I have seen at Les Roches.”

From Robert Bland, from UK.
Father of Tristan Bland.