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Les Roches statement and missions

Les Roches is a co-educational school offering higher education programs that is accredited by the Commission on Institutes of Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Les Roches provides instruction in English to students of any race, nationality, sex, color, religion or creed who have successfully completed a full secondary school program.

We expose our students to a broad range of courses covering the inter-related areas of the hospitality industry, by means of theoretical and practical work within the School and by regular periods of internship in recognized hotels, restaurants or related institutions. Students’ intellectual abilities are further developed through the general education component of the undergraduate programs.

Our objective is to train and educate students to a level of all round competence, in the varied operations of the hospitality industry. Graduates of Les Roches, having developed competence in a range of technical, organizational and administrative skills, will be able to progress through the ranks of the management hierarchy.

We develop students’ abilities to initiate and manage change by confronting them with contemporary issues and challenges that the industry faces today. The international environment at the School promotes awareness and understanding of national and cultural differences and encourages students to work together in a team to improve inter-personal skills. Graduates of Les Roches may therefore embark upon their careers with confidence, armed with knowledge, basic experience and inter-personal skills which allow them to successfully face career challenges.

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is a private, for-profit institution and as such, satisfying our customers is our main objective.

Les Roches prepares students who are committed to an international career in the hospitality and service industries for success. Its model hospitality education programs balance theory with practice, independent learning with strong faculty support and mentorship, providing a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Guided by its mission, Les Roches ensures that students acquire personal and professional skills for immediate employment and progression into leadership positions in the industry. Through its global network of campuses and educational sites, the Les Roches model of education consistently complies with high academic standards and integrated resources to grant accessibility to hospitality education throughout the world.

The values that guide the Les Roches Communities worldwide working toward a common vision are:

  • To practice and teach the Swiss work ethos
  • To demonstrate understanding and respect for cultural differences
  • To develop leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship
  • To foster a global perspective
  • To act with integrity
  • To engage with industry and educational partners
  • To act responsibly in the development of a sustainable environment

Building upon the institutional mission, the Graduate School develops international students who have an undergraduate degree, are in mid-career or who are seeking to make an important career change.

It does this by providing them with an education that is both academically rigorous and has hospitality operations at its core.

Our culturally and academically-diverse faculty fosters a learning culture that is focused on the quality of teaching and learning through its engagement in applied research and scholarly pursuits which are designed to develop future leaders for a volatile environment.

We ensure this through the development of transferable skills, a high level of scholarship and intellectual honesty. We endeavor to create a spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning in our graduates by encouraging their commitment to excellence and the development of sustainable business practices.

The general education program embodies Les Roches’ vision of an educated hospitality graduate. Graduates will understand the world they live in and seek to contribute to society; they will appreciate the humanities and the arts and develop their awareness of how science aids our understanding of our lives and our environment.

General education at Les Roches includes not only specific general education courses, but also a set of common skills embedded in courses throughout the curriculum and in internships and experiences gained in the implicit curriculum in campus events and activities. Providing knowledge, skills, experiences, and understanding, the general education program offers an educational foundation that assists graduates to reach senior positions in the hospitality sector.

The mission is to broaden students’ understanding of the arts, sciences, and social sciences and to support the development of individual common skills that enable students to perform effectively in their future careers and to function confidently as members of contemporary society.

Les Roches Facts and figures

Les Roches facts and figures

Global Outlook

Les Roches has campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China – key international hospitality business hubs.

The quality of our teaching and curricula are standardized across our campuses, meaning that you can transfer during your BBA/Diploma to another campus for a semester, or rotate through campuses with the Global Degree.

Your international network is enhanced through professional internship semesters and through living and working with a global student body.

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Les Roches: innovative approach

Innovative approach

From introducing the latest teaching methods to developing new programs, Les Roches is committed to supporting innovative approaches across all its campuses. At our Innovation Lab in Switzerland, students can leverage the latest technologies, such as 3D printers and multimedia tools, to build product prototypes, apps and more. Students across all Les Roches campuses benefit from the integration of digital learning tools and collaborative media in daily education. Meanwhile, a close relationship with the hospitality industry ensures that Les Roches is at the forefront of emerging trends.

We take pride in pioneering new ideas and encourage students to do the same.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Empowering students to achieve their goals is a core objective at Les Roches.

Students learn to take initiative and become leaders both inside and outside the classroom. Through outstanding curricula and on-campus activities, Les Roches is dedicated to developing entrepreneurial talent and providing opportunities for students to turn their concepts into reality.

This mindset is reflected in our alumni. Graduates of Les Roches go on to launch successful businesses all over the world — a selection of which are showcased on

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