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Our objective is to train and educate students to a level of all round competence, in the varied operations of the hospitality industry.
Les Roches Way of Life

About Les Roches

Uniquely global, uniquely Les Roches.

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Why Choose Les Roches?

Why Choose Les Roches?

A Les Roches hospitality management business degree gives you the best preparation for a brilliant career.

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Swiss hospitality education

Swiss Hospitality Education

At Les Roches, we talk a lot about Swiss hospitality education. Across our global network of campuses, it is the DNA within our learning approach and curricula.

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Best Hospitality Schools in the World

Choosing the Best Hospitality School

Les Roches is in the Top 5 Higher Education Institutions for Hospitality Management.

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Les Roches didn’t start off as a Swiss hospitality management school, but as an international boarding school.
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Graduation ceremony

Les Roches Accreditation & Recognition

A globally recognised leader in hospitality education. Les Roches enjoys worldwide recognition.

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Management meeting

Governing board & management

Les Roches prepares students who are committed to a global career in the hospitality and service industries. It provides them with an education that is academically rigorous and has hospitality operations at its core.

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Words from the Les Roches CEO

Words from the CEO

Welcome to Les Roches, the first hospitality school to offer a truly global experience.

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