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Parents & Sponsors

Parents & Sponsors

Congratulations ! As the parent or sponsor of a newly admitted Les Roches student, you should be proud of their acceptance to one of the best hotel schools in the world. From our side, we welcome you to our “Les Roches family;” we want to make your sponsorship experience as enjoyable as possible.

Sending a student abroad takes trust and flexibility, but it is a wise and worthy decision for the student’s future. We know that you and your student may have questions as they prepare to study at Les Roches and we will be happy to help. 

The official academic calendar can be found in the Academic Catalog. If you have any questions about your student’s specific program dates, please contact us directly.

If you wish to send parcels, please use the campus address and include the Student Name and Student Number.

For example : 

First name Last name, Student Number SN0055123
Les Roches Global Hospitlity Education
3975 Bluche

Please do not send personal parcels and letters to the Admissions address (Rue du Lac 118, 1815 Clarens, Switzerland).

For any other issues or general inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you again for your support as a sponsor and/or parent of a Les Roches student!

Les Roches Admissions Department
Chemin du Pierrier 1
1815 Clarens
Open Monday-Friday 8:00-17:30 CET 
Phone: +41 (0)21 989 26 00 
[email protected]

Q How safe is the university campus and surrounding area?

Les Roches is not a fenced-in campus. Student accommodation is located throughout the village of Bluche and mixed with the homes and businesses of local people. Like most of Switzerland, Bluche is very safe with incredibly low levels of crime, however we still have 24x7 security to ensure maximum safety on campus.

Q What is the policy on smoking, alcohol and drugs?

Les Roches operates a non-smoking policy on campus, with only certain areas set aside for smokers.  We have a strict no-drugs rule.  Though alcohol can of course be purchased at campus bars and restaurants, we have an alcohol in moderation philosophy, in order to keep students focused on their studies and to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Q What support do you offer to students who are struggling with difficult personal situations?

We take all aspects of student well-being seriously, in the belief that students who are content in their personal life, will perform better in their careers. We have an on-campus nurse, who deals with any physical health issues and a student affairs manager who can provide personal counseling and advice.

Q What support will you offer the students to enhance their career prospects?

The Career Development & Industry Placement (CDIP) Office helps students to secure appropriate positions in the hospitality industry and provides them with administrative support. 

The CDIP provides full support for internship placement and resources for management training or job searches at Les Roches. From company recruitment visits on campus, to our list of job openings that is updated daily, students have a full range of opportunities to enhance their career path within the international hospitality industry.
It is worth also remembering that Les Roches’ alumni network is very active and very close-knit. Contacts are made and introductions facilitated, which enhance job prospects considerably.

Q How can I receive information about the student’s academic progress?

During the semester, all students have access to the results of their periodical assessments via an on-line system, to which the access (username and password) was given to them upon arrival at school. You may ask them to forward the PDF report to you.

If the student is below 18 years old, you may contact our Academic Services Office ([email protected]) to get an update on their performance.

If the student is above 18 years old, the information mentioned above will not be automatically available for parents. Please request updates from the student directly.

At the end of each academic semester, the student receives their final grade report as electronic file in their “LESROCHES” email address, together with the progression regulation. A copy of this report will be sent by post to the parent/sponsor address. Please note that you only receive this information at the end of the first semester. For future semesters, only an electronic grade report will be sent to the student via his/her school email address, approximately two weeks after they check out of the campus. This is the academic regulation of the school. If you wish to know his/her results, please request that he/she forward you the electronic report directly.


Q: Whom can I talk to about the student’s performance without them being involved?

It is important that they are part of any discussion as they are the student. To be effective, education needs to have commitment and a sense of responsibility on the part of the student. We cannot provide you any information without his/her agreement.


Q: What is the passing grade for each course?

The progression and passing regulation varies across different programs. Please consult the “Academic Regulations” section in the Academic Catalog.


Q: Who do I contact if I have question about “Payment”, “Accommodation” or “Campus life”

Campus Life / Accommodation: [email protected]

Payment, billing, invoice: [email protected]


Q: Who should I contact if I would like to discuss the student’s results at the end of the semester?

Please contact [email protected] first to present your concerns. You will be guided accordingly to the specific person for more details. Should a meeting be required, it is essential that the student is present.


Q: Will the degrees/Diplomas that the student obtains be recognised by the government of my country or of Switzerland?

The programs offered by Les Roches International School of Hotel Management are recognized by the Education, Sports and Cultural Department of “Canton du Valais” but not by the Federal government. All programs are also accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges, USA). NEASC is one of the six official accreditation associations recognized by the American Department of Education and is responsible for accrediting the Ivy League schools in the US.

To find out if our programs are recognized by your home country, we strongly recommend that you consult the Educational Ministry of your country by presenting the enrolment confirmation of the student.


Q: What should I do if the student would like to change programs or modify the order of the program?

The student must first contact their Program Manager for advice, they may also consult the Academic Dean and the Academic Services office.


Q: What do I do if I want the student to return home for family matters?

Students are required to abide by the absence policy specified in the “Standard of Excellence”, so they should manage their absences within the allocated allowances per semester. As excessive absence may lead to failure of the course and eventually the entire semester, we highly recommend that you consult the “absence policy” clauses under Academic Regulation section in the Academic Catalog before making the decision.


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