Social and Sports Activities

Social and Sports Activities

When you are not in class, there is a lot going on to keep you occupied and entertained.

The Student Social Committee (SSC) organizes many of the social and cultural activities off and on campus.

Social Events On Campus

The SSC organizes events such as theme dinner parties, quiz nights and disco evenings, which take place in the Café du Village (also called CDV). 

There are many different activities and committees – and always the possibility to start new ones.

One of the highlights of each semester is ‘Cultural Night’, which consists of an evening of entertainment and culinary specialties.

Students from all countries are invited to participate in the show and depict aspects of their own culture through music, costume, dance, photos and slideshows. After the show, the feast! Students representing their countries prepare a variety of exotic dishes.



The full-time sports coach helps students maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle during their time on campus. Depending upon the season, students can participate in sports on campus such as volleyball, basketball, football or swimming.

The campus also has a fully-equipped, modern gym and fitness center. Additionally, the sports coach organizes trainings and competitions for team sports with other universities.

Crans-Montana offers the possibility for diverse winter sports such as curling, dog-sledding, ice-skating, cross-country and down-hill skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, toboggan and snow-tubing.

If you are tempted to try a new sport, lessons and equipment rental can be easily arranged. 


Visits to local places of interest are organized throughout the year. From cheese and chocolate factories to vineyards, fine-dining establishments, and arts or wine festivals, the list is pretty much endless.

A favorite student haunt is the local ‘Le Petit Paradis’, though Crans-Montana also abounds with restaurants, clubs and shops.

Les Roches students benefit from the school's partnerships with local businesses and alumni, and enjoy discounts and special deals at restaurants, shops, hotels and boutiques, as well as reduced rates for ski-passes and car rentals.

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