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Les Roches Faculty

Your bachelor degree in hospitality management will be led by scholars and experts in the field — our faculty.

We have an extremely well-qualified international faculty at Les Roches. With excellent academic credentials, many faculty members also enjoyed successful careers in hospitality management and related industries and participate in global fora, guest lecturer programs and scholarly research. Their passion for hospitality and business is reflected through their enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and mentoring our students.

Mr. Colin Small, Dean of Undergraduate Studies“Welcome to the world of Swiss hospitality education.

It is difficult to imagine a more perfect environment for an education in the field of hospitality than the beautiful village of Bluche, located high in the stunning Swiss Alps. By coming to the Les Roches campus in Bluche you are joining a dynamic multicultural institution with nearly 100 nationalities in our 1000+ student body. Within our innovative curriculum, you will find a balanced blend of academic knowledge combined with real-life practice, which is embedded into our experiential approach to student learning. This includes a more integrated approach to the delivery of many subjects, including the increasing use of technology in situations where it can improve student learning.

We are proud of our highly qualified and diversely experienced faculty, who are 100% motivated in helping our students towards a successful future in their chosen fields. With our links to the hospitality industry and beyond, our students have excellent opportunities to expand their knowledge through global internships and ultimately high-level managerial careers, where they can apply their entrepreneurial and technical skills to a range of situations.”

Mr. Colin Small, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Les Roches

Ms. María José Aparicio, Academic Director“The undergraduate programs at Les Roches Marbella balance experiential learning with the transmission of values. We encourage ‘learning by doing’ in the first semesters, with hands-on courses and mentored internship experiences. As students progress in their studies, they build upon their knowledge by developing skills that are crucial for the global manager of tomorrow, such as critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

I am proud to say that we do not just focus on imparting knowledge; we engender an environment of loyalty, ethics, and humility, in which students perfect their soft skills and professionalism. Our graduates leave here not only highly qualified for hospitality leadership, but with values which are common and essential to the whole world of hospitality. Each of our programs is a life-changing experience.

Our experienced faculty is here to ensure that your education with us will be both enriching and enjoyable. We look forward to welcoming you on campus.”

Ms. María José Aparicio, Academic Director
Les Roches

“Welcome to Les Roches Chicago, the newest member of Les Roches’ global community. It is the first campus in the USA to offer Swiss hospitality education, located in a dynamic city full of leading brands and exciting opportunities.

By choosing Les Roches Chicago as their place of study, our students are able to develop their skills in one of the world’s most vibrant hospitality scenes. Located in the heart of the city, our campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, with subjects that blend hands-on learning with informative management theory. Your education here is not just limited to one city, either – your internships provide you with the opportunity to gain work experience anywhere in the world, and you can then continue your education at one of our other global campuses.

Chicago is an exciting city full of world-class events and activities. We look forward to welcoming you on the start of what will be an exciting and rewarding learning journey.”

Mr. Joe Mowery, Campus Operations Manager
Les Roches