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Studying in Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a unique student life. Immerse yourself in its excellent sports, cuisine, internationalism, luxury products, spectacular scenery and cities and enjoy an unforgettable studying experience.

Switzerland offers something for everyone 

Outdoor adventurists will find every imaginable type of winter and summer sport, with many activities and extreme sports opportunities in the Swiss mountains and lakes. 

City-goers will marvel at the clean, beautiful centers of Geneva, Zurich, Bern and Lausanne, with their extensive shopping, restaurants, bars, spas and night clubs. 

Getting around from one place to another is a simple and enjoyable process with the country’s well-developed and punctual public transportation systems. 

Traditional touristic spots are well equipped to showcase the marvels of Swiss chocolate and cheese fabrication, watchmaking and mountaineering. The country’s museums are often equipped with English language translations. 

Switzerland is also host to a large number of international sporting, political, and cultural events, with festivals, exhibitions and concerts happening year round.


The reputation of Switzerland’s hospitality education is unsurpassed

Switzerland is home to the first National Hotel Association and hotel school and has been at the forefront of education and professionalism in the hospitality industry ever since.

For over a century, Swiss private schools – offering individualized, high-standard education – have been considered among the top-quality services for which Switzerland is famous.

Today, international companies seek Swiss-educated managers for their rigor, professionalism, and innovative approaches to global business challenges. 


Les Roches is within a short traveling distance from France, Italy, Austria and Germany, which provide an array of weekend destinations.

The renowned Swiss railway network links to Geneva Airport, placing most of Europe within easy reach.

You can be almost anywhere in Western Europe in less than 2 hours flying time from Geneva, and there is a full range of intercontinental connections via Zurich, Paris and London.


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