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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition Fees & Scholarships


Tuition fees and expenses vary according to the program and other factors. For complete details on tuition and other fees, please download the “Tuition & Other Fees” brochure available on the right-hand side. Payments must be made in full no later than the 15th November (for the winter intake) and no later than the 15th May (for the summer intake), unless a payment plan contract has been approved. The tuition fees paid for each semester are non-refundable.

Les Roches is committed to supporting motivated students in reaching their potential. As a private institute, Les Roches provides a limited number of scholarships and financial aid packages for Les Roches students. Each scholarship and financial aid package has specific criteria, and eligibility is examined on a case-by-case basis for those students who have submitted a complete application. Students may also be eligible for loans offered in their home country.

Applicants may only apply for scholarships or financial aid after they have been admitted to Les Roches. The deadline for scholarship applications is 20th October for January intakes and 20th April for July inatakes.



A limited number of scholarships are available to assist motivated young learners with their hospitality studies. These scholarships vary in amount and duration. Eligibility is examined on a case-by-case basis for those students who have submitted a complete application. Please note that scholarships may not be combined.


Competitive and Partner Scholarships


    Open every year to 10 incoming undergraduate students who are IB DP graduates. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding IB Diploma students with a minimum score of 28 points. Applicants must submit two recommendation letters and include an essay (500 words) describing their motivation for studying hospitality management at Les Roches.


    Les Roches Global AlumniOpen to incoming BBA in Global Hospitality Management students. Are you passionate about hospitality? Show Les Roches Global Alumni why you want to become one of them in a two-minute “Why Me?” video. Applicants should explain what they can bring to the Les Roches family by proposing ways to contribute to the school and the hospitality industry. To learn more about the Les Roches Alumni Association, please visit


Other Scholarships


    Alumni Scholarships:
    Open to children of Les Roches Alumni who have been admitted to Les Roches. Also open to Les Roches Alumni who are returning for the Master of Hospitality Leadership program. Les Roches Alumni returning for the MBA program are eligible for a 20% tuition scholarship.

    Family Scholarships:
    If two (or more) siblings apply to Les Roches at the same time, the second sibling may be eligible for a family scholarship. Please check with enrollment/admissions for details.

    Open to children of hotel general or senior departmental managers; hotel owners; restaurant owners or senior managers; or general managers or owners of hospitality companies, such as wineries, catering companies, travel agencies, spa and health resorts, etc. Documentation supporting the above claim must be submitted each academic semester.


    The Friendship scholarship is a token of appreciation for any currently enrolled student who recommends a friend to study at Les Roches in Switzerland, Spain or the USA. Once the recommended friend (new student) has checked-in at the Les Roches campus, the currently enrolled student will be granted a one-time reduction of CHF 1,000 on his/her tuition fees. If the recommended friend cancels his/her registration before the beginning of the intake, the offer is void. The name of the student who recommended Les Roches to his/her friend must be noted on the friend's (new student's) application form.


Loans and Information by Country


Financial Aid

Students in a situation of economic hardship may apply for financial aid. Eligibility is examined on a case-by-case basis for those students who have submitted a complete application. Funding varies in amount and duration. Because funding is limited, factors such as academic status, attendance and disciplinary history are also taken into consideration when reviewing requests.

Please fill in the contact form to speak with an Educational Counselor for more details about financial aid possibilities.

*Les Roches reserves the right to review and modify tuition fees, scholarships and financial aid at any time and without notice. To maintain the standards expected from the institution, the tuition fees are reviewed annually. Please note that all scholarships are awarded on tuition fees only — not including room and board charges. 









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