Fabien Fresnel

Welcome to Les Roches,
the only hospitality school to offer a truly global experience.
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Fabien Fresnel

You might wonder what could unite a global network of hospitality management schools in Switzerland, Spain, the USA and China. Set in such vastly different cultures and environments, what do these Les Roches campuses have in common?

I could tell you that the answer lies in our unique Swiss model of education, combining academic excellence with experiential learning. I could cite the expertise and experience of our faculty, and their role as mentors as well as educators. And I could talk about the incredible diversity of our students, and the success of our alumni across the world.
But the real answer goes beyond that. It’s in the growth and transformation of our students. It’s in the shared values, such as open-mindedness, professionalism and rigor, which form the foundations of our global community. It’s what makes Les Roches “not just a school, but a way of life.”

On behalf of the Les Roches community, I look forward to welcoming you to this vibrant way of life.