The Hotel Schools Ranking

Les Roches ranks among the Top Hospitality Management Schools in the World

Les Roches is ranked by industry hiring managers of luxury hotels among the top 3 hospitality management schools in the world for an international career (TNS, global research, 2013)

This industry research was conducted by one of the most respected market research firms in the industry, Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). The goal of the ranking survey was to benchmark academic programs and career prospects for students in international hospitality education universities.


How was the research conducted?

In the summer of 2013, an online survey was delivered to an extensive worldwide employer database. The potential respondent database was comprised of more than 50,000 hospitality professionals working in more than 80 countries.

The potential respondents received an email from TNS inviting them to participate in this survey, which was then accessed by a link to a questionnaire which was hosted on a secure site by TNS. To maintain objectivity, the name of Laureate/LHE was not revealed to respondents. 

What was asked in the survey?

  • Respondents were asked to respond to the following: ‘Thinking about the hiring of graduates for an international career in the hospitality industry, from the following list of hospitality management schools, please select the ones you would consider to be among the best in the world.
  • A list of 86 schools were offered, randomized by country, plus the option to list others.


What were the results?

  • The top 4 schools as rated by industry hiring managers are Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Cornell University. This result matches the findings of the TNS survey conducted in 2010 in the sense that Les Roches International School of Hotel Management remains among the top hospitality schools in the world for an international career.
  • Of note is that three of the top four schools are Swiss hospitality management institutes. Switzerland remains the foremost worldwide leader in international hospitality management education.


Like any research, the results of this survey should be considered within the factual context and methodology of the survey. To increase transparency, the White Paper is available online offering the complete details of how this survey was conducted.

For the full details in the TNS White Paper, click here

Rankings should be only one factor among many that students consider when choosing an educational institution. Other factors such as the cultural diversity of the student body, the range of specializations offered, accreditation and recognition, faculty credentials, the quality of the facilities, the location of the campuses, and a visit to the institution should help the student to make the best choice.

We wish you success as you explore your options for an exciting future in the field of international hospitality management!